BBQ and Brew Night will raise funds for Hingham Community Center Courtyard Renovations

June 14, 2022 By Carol Britton Meyer

Hingham Community Center is hosting a BBQ and Brew Night Friday evening, June 17, from 7 to 10 p.m. -- featuring craft beer, delicious food by Tennessee BBQ, and music by the Back Nine Band -- to raise money for courtyard renovations.

Untold Brewing, Widowmaker Brewery, Barrel House Z, and Vitamin Sea Brewing will provide a variety of craft beer.

The courtyard project, led by HCC President Julia Whitney, includes a new patio off the ballroom, exterior perimeter landscaping, fencing, privacy pear trees, and historical lamp posts that will match the ones already lighting up downtown Hingham.

The overall vision is to transform the 5,000-square-foot courtyard situated behind HCC into a beautiful setting for use by HCC program participants, Hingham non-profit groups, public events, and private rentals.

The fundraising goal is $50,000 to renovate the entire outside courtyard, of which $38,000 has already been raised. Of that amount, $16,800 was a grant from the Greenbush Historic Preservation Trust.

Previous grants from the fund supported refinishing the HCC ballroom and front room floors and construction of a door to provide egress to the back yard, according to Hingham Historical Commission Administrator Andrea Young.

"The goal is to raise the remaining $12,000 to complete the work this year," Kirsty Nicholson, HCC's private event coordinator, told the Hingham Anchor. "Everyone is welcome to attend in support of this project!" Tickets are $75.

The purpose of the trust is to offset any negative impacts caused by the Greenbush Commuter Rail line on the Town’s historic resources and unique character.

Funds from the trust may be used for building, structure, or landscape preservation;  stabilization, protection, rehabilitation, and restoration; and for physical improvements to public spaces; among other purposes.

The $1.35 M Greenbush Historic Preservation Trust is able to fund projects for non-profits and private homeowners who have property located in historic districts along the Greenbush Rail Right of Way, for a total of $100,000 in grant awards annually.

For further details about the BBQ and Brew Night event and sponsorship options, to reserve tickets, or to make a donation to the courtyard project, visit

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