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Dear Hingham, Welcome aboard! Since 2019, the Hingham Anchor has served as a hyperlocal news and lifestyle website to document our daily history and celebrate the amazing people that live and work in Hingham, MA. It’s no secret that local journalism across the nation, and here on the South Shore, is in jeopardy.  Many local newspapers and media outlets are struggling to survive today's economic challenges and changing consumer habits.  Recent data shows that one-third of U.S. newspapers will be gone by 2024.  We are fortunate in Hingham that The Anchor has become – a 24/7 digital newspaper and content engine.

When we as a community know what's happening locally, we are more likely to participate in local events, more likely to shop local, more likely to vote in elections, and more likely to volunteer our time to make our collective community better.  When local news sources disappear, a void is created, leaving citizens uninformed and disengaged. As a community, we must recognize the importance of hyperlocal journalism and actively support it. We believe local news is vital in Hingham and we hope you do too.

As we aim to continue to grow and improve our local coverage and content, we also need  community support. If you appreciate the Anchor, we would be grateful for a financial contribution.

Thank you for supporting local journalism!

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Hingham Rotary Club

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Harbor Education Strategies

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