With Colder Months Ahead, Trident Truly Delivers


by Courtney Doyle

Trident Galley & Raw Bar, located in the Hingham Shipyard, is among the many local restaurants that are flipping the script on restaurant dining this fall and winter.

Trident, one of five restaurants owned by master restaurateur (and all-around awesome guy) Brian Houlihan, will be launching a chef-inspired, specially-curated menu designed specifically for take-out and delivery beginning next week. The
menu will feature 8-10 dishes, offered family-style or for individual order, perfect for the cooler weather and made to withstand travel without sacrificing quality and freshness.

“We are chef’s–this is what we do for a living. We know what dishes will travel well and what dishes won’t. We are happy to prepare anything a customer orders but, if you order Fish & Chips to go, it isn’t going to be at its best by the time you get home," says Houlihan. “We have spent countless hours writing a menu that we know will be perfect for at-home dining."

Highlighted on the new take-out and delivery menu will be fall and winter favorites such as Shepherds Pie, Duck Ragu, Braised Short Ribs, Bolognese and will feature a different “daily catch” seafood dish every night. Trident will also offer a selection of cocktails, beer and wine to go (yes, we made sure to clarify that Caliente Margaritas will travel well–phew!).

Braised Short Rib.

Customers will be encouraged to place their orders no later than 4pm to receive “dinnertime” delivery on the South Shore. Meeting the minimum food order requirement will get you complimentary delivery but, for a fee, smaller orders can be placed as well. So, if you find yourself at home on a blustery day dreaming of a perfectly prepared piece of salmon or the comforting goodness of Trident’s Braised Short Rib, you don’t have to rally the troops to place a delivery order–you can order it for yourself and mark the delivery charge as "self-care."

Like so many restaurant owners, Houlihan is weathering the storm of COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions while fighting tirelessly to take care of his staff. While Trident had a lucrative summer out on the patio, Houlihan knows that the shift to colder weather, forcing diners to go inside with limited seating capacity, is going to severely impact an industry that is already fighting for survival. And what do we love most about Brian? He lives and breathes like a chef, but he works and fights like a captain: no matter how rough the seas are right now, he will deliver.

And deliver he will: in addition to the new chef-inspired take-out and delivery menu, Trident will begin offering personal home delivery, hand-delivered by the staff themselves. “We take such great care in preparing delicious food and, by
utilizing our own staff members who share this passion for our carefully executed menu, we are ensuring your order will arrive on-time, in-tact and with exceptional customer service," Houlihan says.

What he doesn’t come right out and say, but we know is in his heart, is that this is also another way Houlihan is taking care of his people. Wintertime will mean slower foot traffic and this will help keep his team together, even during the darkest days.

The best part about this new personal delivery offering is that, not only will it feature top customer favorites from Trident, it will be highlighting a complete offering with all of the Eat Local restaurant group’s locations in mind. A “greatest
hits” of menu favorites from Trident, Bia Bistro, The Parrot, Galley, and The Tinkers Son all hand-delivered by your favorite Eat Local staff members.

Shepherds Pie.

“Continuing to support your favorite local restaurants will become even more important as the colder weather arrives,” says Houlihan (as snow was literally coming down during our conversation). “Supporting local, shopping local and eating
local is the best thing we can do for our community right now”, he says. Practicing what they preach, with the local community in mind, this innovative new offering at Trident is all about taking care of each other.

Without our local restaurants, a huge piece of our community culture is at risk. There is no rest for restaurant owners during these times so, when you need a night off from your own kitchen, you can call Trident and have a restaurant-quality, chef-inspired meal delivered to your door, arriving ready to be enjoyed and appreciated, without sacrificing perfection during travel-time. As much as we want to believe that Spanish Octopus loves road-trips (hint: it really doesn’t), we are psyched to have a menu at our fingertips that, after months of pivoting and perfecting takeout options, features the food we love that doesn’t mind stepping outside of the dining room.

Trident is leading the way through unchartered waters and we are more than happy to come on-board.


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