Wildfire Smoke from the West Creates Hazy Skies in Hingham

Photo by Michael Page

July 21, 2021 by Meteorologist Michael Page

Wildfire smoke from the western United States and Canada is obscuring the sky on the South Shore this week, leaving us with lower air quality and a hazy sky.

The jet stream, which is the fast moving ribbon of air driving storms across the country, is carrying the smoke straight from places like Montana, down into the mid-Atlantic, and then back up into New England.

As a result, our sky looks hazy. The sun almost looks like it's on fire during sunrise and sunset.

While it's possible to smell a little smokey in a set-up like this, most of the smoke stays high in the atmosphere. Still, air quality is impacted. We're in the 'moderate' zone, meaning sensitive health groups should stay inside or avoid strenuous outdoor activity.

A cold front coming through the area on Wednesday will usher in cooler, less humid, and cleaner air later this week, allowing blue skies to return.

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