Tosca Marketplace: Restaurant Dining at Home

Photo courtesy of Chris Sugrue

November 19, 2020 by Courtney Doyle, Chef/Owner of Clandestine Kitchen, LLC (courtesy photos)

Tosca, the iconic fine dining restaurant located in Downtown Hingham (and part of the locally-owned Eat Well, Inc. Restaurant Group), is bringing their signature menu items to your home this holiday season with the Tosca Marketplace family-style take out menu.

All of the Tosca Marketplace menu items have been carefully chosen by Tosca Executive Chef, Kevin Long. They are offered either “partially cooked” with heating instructions to finish at home, truly preserving the taste, texture, and experience of dining in the Tosca dining room, OR fully cooked and ready to eat requiring no additional preparation (you choose your preference upon ordering).

Popular signature dishes such as Tosca’s Caesar Salad, Seared Sea Scallops, and the Wild Boar Bolognese are on the Marketplace Menu, as is a selection of carefully curated, hand-cut steaks packed with Tosca steak sauce and rosemary salt for preparing at home. Beer and wine is available for takeout, and don’t forget to add dessert for the family too (S’more Better Brownie is the real deal with housemade marshmallow and a graham cracker crust).

Tosca marketplace steak, photo courtesy of Chris Sugrue

Tosca’s regular nightly dinner menu is also available for takeout (though these items are all fully prepared and packaged and do not offer the option of finishing at home).  New menu items will soon be added for the upcoming holiday season. Special nightly features include a rotation of seasonal soups, salads, pizzas, entrees, and desserts. Tosca’s dining room is now open Tuesday through Saturday 5:00pm-9:00pm and Sundays 4:00pm-9:00pm.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Doyle

Loyal patrons have made Tosca a regular part of their lives and are grateful to have a “home away from home” to grab a cocktail, engage in conversation, or simply to order a fabulous meal to bring back to their own dining tables.

Len Monfredo & Chris Sugrue, photo courtesy of Courtney Doyle

Local residents Len and Karin Monfredo have nothing but love for the entire team at Tosca and have been loyal supporters for many years.  "Tosca is a very special place because of their incredible staff, amazing food, and their old-world ambience. We are extremely lucky to have this restaurant in our town. It’s a home away from home for us, and the staff is like family. From Brian’s perfect espresso martini (if you haven’t had one you’re missing out) to the warm welcome from Allie and genuine conversations with Chris, the entire Tosca crew always goes above and beyond to make every dining experience special. I understand some people may not feel comfortable dining in person — I have two words for you: take out! We should all support our local businesses in whatever way we can,“ says Monfredo.

In addition to offering consistent, memorable, and delicious Italian fare, the team at Tosca is also widely known for their commitment to the South Shore community. Tosca is known for hosting myriad local fundraisers, special celebrations, and unique and fun culinary opportunities like the “Gingerbread House Cooking Class” that sold out in record time last year.

“We obviously cannot host our community-wide Christmas party this year but, we are in the process of planning special, creative ways we can all celebrate the holiday season together safely,” says Tosca General Manager, Chris Sugrue. “We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of community support during these uncertain times and can truly see the commitment to 'eating local' and helping our downtown shops and restaurants thrive despite the current restrictions.”

While there certainly are current restrictions in place for safely offering in-person dining, the Tosca Marketplace takeout menu is truly a way to enjoy the made-to-order experience of going out to your favorite restaurant. Just as we anxiously await the arrival of Tosca’s beautifully decorated and sparkling dining room during the holiday season each year, we can also now appreciate our own cozy holiday décor and bring the smells, flavors, and experience of a holiday night out right to our own fireside. Digging into Tosca’s Wild Boar Bolognese and a 6-inch Celebration Cake in our holiday jammies and slippers just might be our favorite new holiday tradition.

Wild Boar Bolognese, courtesy of Chris Sugrue

To order from the Tosca Marketplace menu, the Dinner Menu, or to make a reservation for in-restaurant dining, visit or call 781-740-0080.

Photo by Sarah Hinchey Photography

Local Chef Now Dishing For The Anchor

Clandestine Kitchen (CK) Chef/Owner, (and local Hingham resident ), Courtney Doyle, will be stepping out of the CK kitchen and stepping out on the town, sharing her passion for food, total body wellness and supporting our local community with editorial lifestyle spotlights for The Anchor.

Local restaurant reviews, seasonal recipes, wellness/nutrition tips and more are now just one bite away for local foodies and community news followers. Doyle believes that working together is the key to keeping our local food and restaurant scene strong and vibrant, especially during these unprecedented times that are taking a heavy toll on our local restaurants and small businesses.

CK, delivering healthy meals, snacks and more to residential neighborhoods and corporate locations throughout the south shore, regularly partners with local chefs, farmers, restaurants, local purveyors and small business owners to keep the community healthy and apprised of the growing health and wellness options in our surrounding towns.

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