This Week’s Weather Report by Meteorologist, Michael Page: “Our stormy weather pattern continues”

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February 14, 2021 by Meteorologist, Michael Page

Our stormy weather pattern continues this week, but temperatures will be too marginal for all snow on the South Shore.

Here's what to expect in Hingham.

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First Storm Monday

The week will begin with a storm arriving Monday. During the day temperatures will be in the 30s, so the spotty precipitation that falls will be a mix of rain, snow, and ice.

With marginal temperatures, and beaks in the light precipitation, travel around town should be fine most of the day.

At night the precipitation becomes steadier, but it will be warm enough for rain in Hingham. That rain will continue into Tuesday morning, before tapering off Tuesday afternoon.

We may see some hints of sun late Tuesday as the storm departs.

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Mid-Week Break

Wednesday will be a chilly day in town, with highs around 30, but we'll enjoy sunshine.

That's our break between the first storm early in the week, and another that comes in late week.

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Second Storm Brings Snow & Rain Mixture

That next storm will arrive Thursday afternoon. Initially it will likely be cold enough for some snow, but as the storm continues to move through the area, warmer air will be drawn in from the south. Temperatures will pop into the 40s for a time.

That will likely flip things over to rain.

The rain will end in time for what appears to be a seasonably cool, but quieter weekend of weather.

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