This Week’s Weather Report by Meteorologist, Michael Page: “a bit of a warm-up”

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February 21, 2021 by Meteorologist, Michael Page

After being so stormy last week, with a few rounds of snow in town, Hingham will enjoy a bit of a warm-up this week!

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Week Starts with a Storm

Even though most of this week will be pretty quiet weather-wise, we do begin the week with a little storm.

Monday morning will be dry, but we’ll see clouds pretty much right out of the gate. By afternoon some rain will move in, perhaps briefly mixing with a few wet snowflakes.

Temperatures during the day will be in the mid to upper 30s, so it will be a chilly rain.

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Warm Up Mid-Week

Tuesday will bring a mixture of sun and clouds, and milder air.

Highs will be in the low to middle 40s during the day, which will feel nice considering how cool this month has been so far.

Keep in mind our average high should be near 40 at this time of year, so this will actually be pretty seasonable, even though to our bodies it will feel nice.

Wednesday will be even milder. Temperatures will flirt with 50 degrees, with more sunshine compared to other days this week.

By Thursday, temperatures during the day will settle back down into the lower and middle 40s with a blend of sunshine and clouds.

Even though there won’t be any mid-week storms, these temperature fluctuations will be paired with the passage of a few weak fronts, so there may be a brief sprinkle from time to time, but generally this week will offer a little taste of spring.

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Colder Again Late Week

It really is just a taste of spring though, because cold air rushes back in on Friday. High temperatures will be back below average, only reaching around the freezing mark.

Overnight and early morning temperatures will be back into the 20s.

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