St. John’s Santa Home Visits 2020

by Gabrielle S. Martin

St. John’s Hingham is taking an adaptive, innovative approach to visits with Santa this Christmas season: this year, the 20th Annual St. John’s Hingham Holiday Boutique has announced that they will be arranging at-home visits from Santa Clause:

“Get your jingle bells ready, Santa visits are not canceled: The Holiday Boutique Committee at St. John's has been in touch with the North Pole, and Santa has agreed to visit Hingham for at least two weekends in December!”

  • The dates are as follows: 12/4, 12/5, 12/11, and 12/12.

St. John’s website then says:

“Santa will be cruising the town in a sleigh-rific Jeep and will visit your home so you can say hello in a COVID-safe manner. Bring your own camera and make sure you capture your special 2020 Santa moment for your family!”

A donation to the St. John's Hingham Holiday Boutique of $30.00 is suggested for a visit.

In addition, Santa is “happy to deliver pre-arranged packages (including puppies!) for a suggested additional donation of $20.00.”

Angel tickets are also available; if you would like to request an Angel Ticket, please reach out to the Reverend Tim Schenck at [email protected]. Alternatively, for any additional event information or questions, you can contact Kenzie Blackwell at [email protected].

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