St. John’s Santa Home Visits 2020

by Gabrielle S. Martin

St. John’s Hingham is taking an adaptive, innovative approach to visits with Santa this Christmas season: this year, the 20th Annual St. John’s Hingham Holiday Boutique has announced that they will be arranging at-home visits from Santa Clause:

“Get your jingle bells ready, Santa visits are not canceled: The Holiday Boutique Committee at St. John's has been in touch with the North Pole, and Santa has agreed to visit Hingham for at least two weekends in December!”

  • The dates are as follows: 12/4, 12/5, 12/11, and 12/12.

St. John’s website then says:

“Santa will be cruising the town in a sleigh-rific Jeep and will visit your home so you can say hello in a COVID-safe manner. Bring your own camera and make sure you capture your special 2020 Santa moment for your family!”

A donation to the St. John's Hingham Holiday Boutique of $30.00 is suggested for a visit.

In addition, Santa is “happy to deliver pre-arranged packages (including puppies!) for a suggested additional donation of $20.00.”

Angel tickets are also available; if you would like to request an Angel Ticket, please reach out to the Reverend Tim Schenck at Alternatively, for any additional event information or questions, you can contact Kenzie Blackwell at

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