Untold Brewing and No Wake Lifestyle Collaborative IPA Launches Today

August 12, 2021 by Gabrielle Martin 

Tonight: The collaboration of the summer is happening today, Thursday, August 12, at 6:00pm at Untold’s Scituate Brewery & Taproom.

That’s right: Hinghamite Mike Dyer of Untold Brewing is collaborating with fellow townie Michele Friedman of No Wake Lifestyle to release a new, limited-edition IPA–and today, they’ll be hosting a release event featuring live music, savory snack boxes, and, of course, the limited edition merch.

The Anchor’s Gabrielle Martin caught up with Dyer to discuss the exciting collab. Read all about it below!

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about how the No Wake-Untold Brewing collaboration came to be?

A: “This collaboration was really organic. Giving back to the community has been a core part of Untold Brewing's mission since day one, and we've found that one of the most effective (and fun) ways to ‘do good’ is by collaborating with like-minded, locally owned small businesses to support a local non-profit.

Q: Where did the initial idea come from?

A: “Well, we felt that No Wake's message of positivity, happiness, and ‘no drama’ was not only timely, but aligned with our philosophy as well. We reached out to Michele earlier this year and proposed collaborating to support a local charity. Sometimes things just click, and this was one of those rare moments where everything fell into place.”

Q: How do your brands complement each other in this collaboration?

A: “There are a lot of synergies between our brands. We're both passionate about investing in our community and philosophically share the same desire to be in your ‘happy place’–that unique confluence of family, friends, and location where all is right with the world. While we're both South Shore natives and coastally inspired, there is always room to grow your circle of friends. We each felt that our collective fans would relate to each other, perhaps discover a new local brand to support, and rally behind a common cause.”

Q: What did the collaboration entail behind-the-scenes?

A: “Beer, email, and more beer. We're fortunate that we are both creating items that we love and that others do as well. Our first meeting was a brainstorming session on our patio in Scituate. We fleshed out the brand concept, landed on a beer style, and walked away with to-dos. Michele is a talented designer and had a great vision for the look & feel of the label design and the signature hat, while Matt dove in on the beer recipe. Once we had the brew scheduled, we invited Michele in for the brew day (those whirlpool hops are all her) and subsequent sensory tastings as we approached packaging. Overall this has been a very fun, creative process, right on up until today as we work through the release details.”

Q: When and where will the No Wake IPA be available?

A: “No Wake IPA releases this Thursday, August 12, at 6:00pm at our Scituate Brewery & Taproom. To mark the release, we're hosting a release event with live music from members of Black Top Strut, snack boxes from Clandestine Kitchen, and, of course, the limited edition No Wake hats and stickers and beer. On Friday, the beer will be available at our Hingham Derby Street community beer garden for pours as well as at select partners in Hingham: Alma Nove, The Barrel, Burton, Fruit Center, Hingham Liquors, Stars, and Trident. This is a limited release, so get it while you can!”

Q: What can customers expect from this beverage?

A: “We doubled down on coastal inspired; we each wanted a boat beer with flavors and aromas of a tropical mixed cocktail, and it had to be velvety smooth. For hops we chose a blend of Cashmere, Talus, El Dorado, and Ella–the result is bold aromas of fresh citrus with a hint of tropical fruit and coconut. It smells like that Painkiller you had at the Soggy Dollar Bar. We added a sprinkle of lactose, which adds a hint of sweetness, but more noticeably creates that silky, plush mouthfeel of a blended drink, and sneaky easy to drink at 6.2% ABV...”

Q: You plan to donate a portion of proceeds to a local nonprofit; which local nonprofit, and what portion of proceeds?

A: “We didn't have to look far for the right nonprofit: Maddie's Promise was perfectly aligned. Maddie's inspirational story of courage and compassion, and her quest to ‘do good’ resonated with us. The work that their nonprofit is doing to help fund research for pediatric cancer is exceptionally meaningful and the community connection goes without saying. As parents of school-aged kids, Matt, Michele, and I have witnessed the impact of Maddie's Promise and are proud to help support their ongoing efforts. A portion of proceeds from the sale of all beer and merchandise–plus Clandestine Kitchen's snack boxes on release night–will be donated to Maddie's Promise.”


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