La Petite Maison features Paris Market right here in Hingham!

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June 19, 2019

Nan Walsh, owner of La Petite Maison, travels annually to France for inspiration and to shop the markets for unique finds that she brings back to her shop in downtown Hingham. She returned recently from her 2019 trip.

La Petite Maison’s Paris Market begins tomorrow, June 20, at 142 North Street. It will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  "Join us for Rose and French cheeses while you sip and shop!" she said. "Join us for extended shopping hours -- ooh lah lah!"

Walsh's most favorite pastime is shopping. "I love going to the Marche au Puces (flea markets), which are located throughout the city of Paris," she said. "I prefer the street markets to the large permanent market in Clignancourt, which is much more expensive. When I arrive in Paris I check where the local markets are scheduled and make a plan."

Her most favorite vintage market is Porte de Vanves, a weekly event on Saturday and Sunday. “You can find all sorts of things like pottery, glassware, silver, lace, artwork, and much more,” she said. “Every time I go it's like traveling back in time. I’ve gotten to know the dealers who come regularly and will always have something new to discover.”

Some of Walsh’s favorite vintage items are faux bamboo, silverware, faïence pottery, and basket ware.

“During this most recent trip I was able to go to Paris and Provence. In the south of France I travelled to the Haute Provence to Moustiers-Ste Marie,  known for its handmade faïence pottery,” Walsh said.   “I was able to bring back some of this beautiful work. While in  Provence I went to Aix en Provence and found some wonderful vintage artwork in watercolor and in oil.

Be sure to stop by the French Market at La Petite Maison!

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