Katia Orth Announces Plans to Relocate kloTH to Corner of North/Station St.

Monday, August 10, 2020 by Gabrielle Martin

Katia Orth, owner and operator of kloTH Hingham, has announced that her specialty storehouse will be relocating from 28 South Street to the corner of North and Station St. (the former spot of Settle’s Glass). 

“I’m excited! It’s a beautiful space,” Orth gushes. “It’ll be fun, and new–something to look forward to in these stagnant times. I look forward to starting fresh.”

The kloTH Team posing at their new location early Monday morning. Photo courtesy of Katia Orth.

kloTH has been part of the Downtown Hingham scene since Orth opened her shop in the spring of 2016. Orth and the kloTH Team will continue to offer their customers a selection of the leading brands in modern fashion with specialized personal service at its South Street location until the new space is complete. Additionally, Orth says she "hopes to maintain a presence" at her beloved boutique's original location.

The move to North/Station St. was inspired by Orth’s interest in developing a men’s department. As we’re speaking, she shares that this expansion has always been part of her plan for kloTH; she’s just had difficulty finding a location large enough to accommodate such an extensive inventory.

The interior of kloTH's new location. Photo courtesy of Katia Orth.

kloTH’s men’s section will consist of basic amenities that male shoppers search for on a seasonal basis. Orth wants to offer an assortment of easy-to-wear, easy-to-sell evergreen items that are both fashionable and functional: “You know, working-from-home, wash-and-wear kind of things. Whether that’s shorts, tees, and polos for the spring and summer, then shirts, jeans, khakis, and sweaters for the fall and winter.”

“You know,” Orth confides, “a good friend of mine recently said to me, ‘It’ll be like a mini-department store,’ having both men’s and women’s in one space; it’s going to offer a little bit of everything for everyone.”

The unfinished interior of kloTH's next location, formerly the spot of Settle's Glass. Photo courtesy of Katia Orth.

Orth will also be taking this opportunity to add to kloTH’s jewlery catalog. She says she looks forward to applying her experience as a former buyer for the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman’s. Orth plans to start stocking finer pieces of jewelry for her kloTH customers, or what she calls “lifetime pieces.”

Of course, in reopening, Orth is incredibly mindful of the ongoing pandemic precautions. Her priorities moving forward? “Safety and proceeding with caution!” Updates to come on the date and details of kloTH’s official relocation to North/Station St.

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