Hingham Elementary Chorus Delights Neighbors with Caroling!

December 31, 2021 by Hilary Jenison (courtesy photo)

On December 20th nearly 50 Hingham Public School Students set out to share the gift of music with neighbors throughout Hingham led by Dr. Joseph Young, Hingham Public School Choral Director.

“Caroling is old tradition that goes back centuries, and traditions like this should be embraced and sustained. It is a warm, kind way of sharing love to others in the community through music, and it is a good way to model this humility by asking our students to serve others,” Shared Dr. Young. “It also provides an opportunity for our students to enhance their singing skills and apply them to practical situations. Plus, it's just fun and strengthens the personal connections among our singers.”

Approximately 35 Fifth grade students as well as a group of Hingham High School chorus students and divided into three groups to visit multiple neighborhoods around town, including Baker Hill area, another was around Whitcomb and High Street (near PRS), and a third was near the Hingham Public Library.

“Neighbors were very touched to hear the singers, and were all very gracious and appreciative. It's quite something to stand at your front door and have over a dozen singers perform a carol just for you! The students also really enjoyed the experience” shared Dr. Young. “This has been a very difficult time for everyone. Things like caroling, if it becomes an annual tradition with my choruses, do more to build a sense of community, mutual affection, humility, and seasonal warmth than many of the activities we do around the holidays. We miss that personal, face-to-face connection, and this allows us to maintain that, especially when it crosses generations.”

Thank you Dr. Young and the Hingham School Choirs for sharing the gift of music through town this holiday season and spreading cheer that will last through the New Year.  We hope this tradition continues into 2022!

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