Greg Hall Will Be Missed

Greg Hall.

October 6, 2021 By Carol Britton Meyer

Longtime much-loved and respected Hingham resident Greg Hall, who recently retired from the board of assessors after serving for 35 years, passed away in late September at the age of 98.

Town Administrator Tom Mayo acknowledged his contributions to the town at this week's Select Board meeting.  "Greg was an integral part of the board and the Town of Hingham," he said. "He lived in a way that inspired people -- with determination, optimism, and a love for life. He will be greatly missed."

Select Board Chair Joseph Fisher noted that Hall was "highly regarded by the town at large."

Hall was the founder of the former local "Cabaret" show -- an annual event that raised funds for Hingham Community Center, and a member of the HCC board of directors for many decades, the Historical Society, and the Hingham Tennis Club as well as his many years of service on the board of assessors.

2 thoughts on “Greg Hall Will Be Missed”

  1. Sounds like he lived a very full life and played a huge part in lots of the activities that makes Hingham such a fantastic town. It’s the citizens who in large part, make a town a great place to live and he demonstrated this it seems. RIP.

  2. I will miss Greg, for sure. He would always come in to CVS at the Hingham Shipyard. Our conversations at checkout were quite a thing that I will always remember! He was quite a gentleman, always telling me of his daily historic excursions throughout Hingham. He always greeted me with his kindness and acknowledged our friendship throughout the years. Whenever he departed from CVS, he would remind me: “Don’t ever get old, it sucks!” This phrase is one of the greatest memories he instilled in me. It changed my perspective on “getting older”. I will be active in what I love to do in my life, forever! I sure will remember his spunk, wisdom, and his clever remarks about life!


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