This week will start off cool and dreary, but mild sunshine returns to the forecast in a few days

Photo by Joshua Ross Photography.

October 5, 2021 by Meteorologist Michael Page

Rainy Start to the Week

Both Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy with periodic rain showers. The dreary feeling will be capped off by high temperatures that struggle to reach 60 degrees.

Overnight temperatures will continue to hover in the 50s.

Turning a Corner Mid-Week

Once the wet weather pulls away, things will improve for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

We'll enjoy lots of sunshine on those days, with milder conditions.

Highs on Wednesday will be near 70, before we jump into the middle 70s on Thursday afternoon.

Friday cools off just a bit, as the wind turns in off the ocean, but we should still be close to 70 degrees.

Foliage for the Long Weekend

The upcoming long weekend is historically one of the most popular for leaf peeping.

So far, the foliage this season is coming along much more slowly than last year. Peak color this week is reserved for extreme northern New England--places like the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, Coos County in New Hampshire, and areas around Moosehead Lake in Maine.

To find at least moderate, or near peak color, this weekend plan on going north of Montpelier in Vermont, north of Woodstock in New Hampshire, and north of Bethel in Maine.

In Southern New England you'll just find occasional pops of colors on a few trees here and there. Our foliage will likely peak towards the end of the month, or in early November.


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