Graduation followed by Last-Minute Prom?! It’s No Problem — Downtown Hingham Has You Covered

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June 3, 2021, Submitted by the Hingham Downtown Association

June is brimming with extra excitement this year for Hingham High School graduating seniors and their families. Graduation will be held on its scheduled day, June 5 -- with 4 guests per student -- and since the majority of seniors are vaccinated and state mandates have been lifted, they received very recent notice an actual prom will be held on June 8.

Before the world was disrupted, preparation for these milestone events started far in advance. Students began selecting dresses and tuxes, scheduling hair and make-up appointments and ordering boutonnieres and corsages months prior to prom. In addition, gatherings before for pictures and afterwards for both events meant food needed to be prepared or ordered and reservations for special family celebrations had to be made.

Just as many other celebrations, the quick decision to hold prom this year warrants a little more ingenuity, flexibility and patience since the details can’t be scrupulously researched and planned. The need for perfection becomes less important while the meaning sinks in more deeply and the fun is even lighter, thinking about how fortunate we all are to finally experience these milestones and special opportunities together, in-person. Adding to the great news, downtown Hingham is well prepared at a moment’s notice to assist everyone in looking and feeling their best so they can fully enjoy their celebrations.

Let’s face it, most people have been sporting pandemic looks of do-it-yourself or don’t-do-anything hair, no-make-up-necessary and comfy cloths and shoes all day, every day. There is something to be said for lower maintenance and more natural, but getting dressed up and groomed has its place and graduation and prom are the perfect times to strut a little polish.

For hair, make-up, grooming services, flowers, and food for a crowd, graduating students and their families can conveniently chip away at their suddenly larger graduation and prom check lists with the help of Downtown store owners and service providers who are very familiar with and personally invested in the community.

“This year has certainly been a challenge for everyone, particularly graduating seniors who were working so hard to set themselves up for their next step and didn’t have the opportunities to fully experience the traditional milestones throughout the year that mark the end of their high school career,” said Lynn Barclay, executive director of the Hingham Downtown Association (HDA). “The HDA members are thrilled the HHS seniors will be able to actually share their graduation ceremony with their families and friends and enjoy their prom together. We are all ready to help with pre-prom services and all the celebrations.”

Another perk of getting it all done Downtown is everything is walking distance or less than a mile between locations, which means parking the car once or twice.

Where to go to accomplish key items on pre-prom and graduation celebration preparation check lists:

  • Hair, Make-up, Skin Care, and Tanning

AZ Studio, Saisons Holistic Skin Care Salon, Tryst Studio, Zona Salons, and Hingham Medical Aesthetics are well prepared to achieve that wow factor with expert services ranging from the perfect cut, style, color, to the fresh face, and glamour.

Visit each of their websites for contact information and details:

  • Boutonnieres, Corsages, Bouquets

Hingham Greenery is well stocked and highly experienced in creating beautiful arrangements to enhance this milestone celebration and making sure prom attendees have corsages and boutonnieres that complement every outfit.

To get ideas and contact information go to:

Photo courtesy of the HDA

  • Party Platters, Prepared Dishes, Snacks, and More

For every event and celebration, Downtown offers a wide selection of refreshments and meals that will satisfy hungry teens as well as beloved family and friends. Purveyors such as EuroMart, The Fruit Center, and Salty Days Fish can provide guidance along with their delicious and crowd-pleasing options ranging from party platters, family style entrees, snacks, and deserts.

For more information visit:

Got to to learn more about the Downtown Hingham Association members and all that Downtown has to offer for retail, dining, services, and general business.

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