Getting Hooked on that Reelin’ Feelin’: Reilly’s Custom Baits

Feb.11, 2021 by Courtney Doyle, Chef/Owner, Clandestine Kitchen, LLC

Photos submitted by Teddy Reilly

Reilly’s Custom Baits, founded by 14-year old Hingham resident, Teddy Reilly, in March 2020 is quickly getting everyone in town hooked on fishing in style.

What started as an effort to create something fun and profitable during the COVID-19 initial shutdown via the Hingham Yard Sale Facebook page, has grown into a successful, grass-roots business run by this Hingham Middle School 8th grade student – and, he is just getting warmed up.

Reilly’s Custom Baits launched an Instagram page in the summer of 2020, and it now boasts over 3,900 followers. Reilly receives myriad requests per week for custom-made baits via the program’s DM (direct message) function.  Reilly accepts custom order requests and creates his own color and shape combinations based on customer use and preference.

Reilly’s most popular baits include the Watermelon Red Senkos and White Swimbaits (both used for catching striper and bass) however, Reilly is constantly introducing new designs including the recently released “Superman” (red and blue baits) and the “Green Pumpkin” (includes red, silver, gold and black sparkle flakes).

Bait packages are five dollars each and include 8 baits.  Reilly also offers trucker hats, winter hats and shirts featuring the Reilly’s Custom Baits logo and all bait packages come with a custom logo sticker. With approximately 10-12 unique orders coming in each week, Reilly is optimistic that the local fishing community is growing and interest in the sport is beginning to increase.  Repeat customers are starting to return as loyalty to Reilly’s brand strengthens.

A fisherman since he was 6 years old, Reilly’s favorite local fishing spots include Fulling Mill Pond (Hingham), Cushing Pond (Hingham), and Cape Cod Bay. As Reilly’s own love of fishing grows and evolves, so does Reilly’s Custom Baits. A new website is in the works now and Reilly will be introducing new colors, shapes and adding more apparel to his offering.

If you haven’t already been introduced to Reilly’s Custom Baits, this is the perfect time to get your orders in for yourself, your loved ones and your friends as fishing season will soon be upon us. And, if there is any remaining doubt that positive, incredible things are coming out of these unprecedented times, Reilly proves that our younger generation will not only rise to the occasion but, they will lead and they will thrive.

Catch them while you can!

To learn more or place an order visit Reilly’s Custom Baits and send a DM.


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  1. What a wonderful story on Teddy Reilly……..he is a great kid and an example to show how to start a business at any age……..🤩


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