OPINION: The Great Peril of Puppy Poop

Photo courtesy of Georgia and Louisa Mae Goldman

February 11, 2021, Submitted by Georgia Goldman

Recently I noticed that our community is littered with dog poop. It makes me very frustrated when I am picking up my dog’s poop and others are not! Do you know that when you leave dog poop you are not only littering your neighborhood, but you are causing other issues too.

If you did not, this should be a wakeup call.

Did you know if you leave dog’s poop for a long amount of time it can actually damage the landscape? Dog waste is so high in nitrogen and phosphorus that it can have the opposite effect of fertilizer. It can actually burn your lawn or your neighbor’s lawn if you don't pick it up. And snow is no excuse. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you should leave it!

Dog waste is even more full of disease causing bacteria and parasites than other types of waste—and it could make other dogs sick! Picking up after your dog is not only polite and courteous, but it is your responsibility as a dog owner. When you don’t pick up dog poop in parks, lawns, and other public places, it can lay there and start to smell.

Over the years people have used your average plastic poop bags, but do you really want to hurt the environment? No. So use biodegradable or recycled ones because they are environmentally friendly!

In closing, just because you do not want to pick up your dog’s poop does not mean you should leave it there. I do not want to have to pick up your waste either. It is not my responsibility. It’s up to all of us to make Hingham a better place to live.

4 thoughts on “OPINION: The Great Peril of Puppy Poop”

    • To the young author’s well-put point, there are some pretty selfish dog owners who are blatant about
      not picking up after their dogs. This morning I went to the Hingham golf range which is about
      a 20 acre field that has been set aside for Hingham residents to use to enjoy hitting golf balls. This morning I went over to hit balls for a short while and got sick to my stomach with the amount of dog poop that was right in the beginning, middle of the field, where golfers typically set up to hit balls. There were so many different poop spots littered
      that I had to leave what was once an enjoyable spot to visit. It seems blatant that so much (you know what) can be in the same area. Why can’t the dog owners pick up after their dogs, or walk with their dogs “on a leash” along the sides of the field? Or, are the owners just letting the dogs do whatever they want whenever they want. In addition to the ugliness of this situation, as the young author points out, the excrement is damaging to our planet.
      I hope this issue can be resolved ……….Please!!!

  1. Thank You Georgia,
    I developed The Poop Pouch™️ for exactly this reason ! NO ONE wants to carry dog poop. The Poop Pouch™️ Is an antibacterial-deodorizing bag that attaches to the dog leash. No need to leave that gross bag of dog waste. The embarrassment of being seen with that bag is eliminated, looking for a trash bin is eliminated. Use the plastic bag .. tie it .. drop it into The Poop Pouch™️ and empty the bag into your own trash. I am a South Shore resident and have seen these plastic bags littering all the beautiful places.


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