Eat Local, Be Local: Dine Out & Stay In This Winter

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February 7, 2022, Staff Writer

Brian Houlihan and Courtney Doyle may be operating on different ends of the food service spectrum here on the South Shore, but the common goal remains the same: cook awesome food and take care of the community.

Houlihan, owner of five local South Shore restaurants (Trident, Bia Bistro, Galley, The Parrot and The Tinker’s Son) and founder of the Eat Local Restaurant Group has always been committed to serving local residents through the creation of his creative and comforting menus, his commitment to sourcing local ingredients and his true love for creating an environment to enjoy the joy of food and shared company.

Doyle, owner of the local healthy home and corporate meal delivery service, Clandestine Kitchen (CK), shares Houlihan’s passion for using only the best local ingredients, commitment to supporting the local community, and passion for creating the opportunity for South Shore residents to enjoy healthy, delicious food in the comfort of their homes with their families.

Brian Houlihan and Courtney Doyle

This winter, Houlihan and Doyle are teaming up in the ultimate show of mutual support, offering South Shore residents the opportunity to have the best of both worlds: enjoy healthy, fully-prepared meals delivered to your home with CK, and to get out and celebrate with friends and family at Houlihan’s popular local eateries.   Just in time for Valentine’s Day week, Houlihan and Doyle will be launching a week-long social media giveaway together during which five lucky residents will win gift certificates for CK home delivery and gift cards to Houlihan’s restaurants.

The contest will launch on social media (all 5 of Houlihan’s Instagram accounts and CK’s Instagram account) on Monday, February 7thencouraging local residents to follow all affiliated social media pages and tag the people you love to celebrate life with, at home or out on the town.  The giveaway will run all week and 5 winners will be selected on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Each winner will receive a fifty-dollar gift card to CK and a fifty-dollar gift card to one of Houlihan’s local establishments.

“It’s time to get back out there and really support each other,” said Houlihan. “The restaurant industry has faced its struggles and we are looking forward to getting back to doing what we love and seeing you back in our restaurants. We believe that we are always better together and, by supporting each other, we are able to provide the very best experience for every one of our diners that walks through our doors,” Houlihan said.

Both Houlihan and Doyle agree that the pandemic has proven how resilient small business owners and local restaurateurs truly are and has further proven that no one can do it alone in this business. Both Houlihan and Doyle are members of Eat South Shore, created in partnership with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce (Houlihan was one of the founding creators) to promote the good food, drink and entertainment found locally, right in our own backyard, without having to travel to the city. Further supporting this mission, Houlihan and Doyle share the belief that buying from local vendors is critical to the growth, sustainability and evolution of the local food scene. Their hotlist of local go-to vendors includes Mullaney’s Seafood, Jake’s Seafood, Holly Hill Farm, Two Rock Oysters, T.F.Kinnealey & Co., SalterieOne, Untold Brewing, Boston Harbor Distillery, Vitamin Sea Brewing, and Harvest of Joy Microgreens, just to name a few.

“By supporting local restaurants and food service providers that are sourcing local products, you are not only supporting us but, you are showing support for the purveyors that lend their passion to our finished product,” said Doyle. “Both Brian and I have remained committed to our local vendors. Every time you order home delivery from CK and every time you step inside Brian’s restaurants, you know you are getting the very best ingredients and are truly doing your part to support local from start to finish with every dish you enjoy. Add to that the incredible talent we both have on our teams and you can taste the delicious beauty that comes from chefs that care about using the best, local, seasonal products,” Doyle said.

The collaborative giveaway launches via Instagram on Monday, February 7thand will feature mouthwatering dishes from each of Houlihan’s restaurants as well as CK’s iconic branded home delivery bags. The contest will run for 5 days and participants can enter each day, with unlimited entries (in accordance with the contest details).

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