Citizen’s petition seeks to honor additional deceased town employees and volunteers at Town Meeting

March 5, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

A citizen's petition filed by resident Thomas Patch asks Town Meeting to support requiring that town employees, appointed volunteers, and elected officials who have passed on since the prior year's regular Town Meeting be identified through a roll call at the next Town Meeting as an expression of appreciation for their past services to the town. The list would be compiled by the town clerk.

Currently the list read at Town Meeting includes only deceased town employees, not including the school department because they are in a different retirement system, according to Town Administrator Tom Mayo.

The intent, Patch told the Selectmen Thursday night, is to "show respect for their contributions to the town, regardless of their length of service or impact on the town."

The recognition of volunteers includes only those who were appointed to a committee or board or elected to public office "with an official role in town government," Patch explained.

Selectman William Ramsey said while he likes the idea, he's concerned that someone's name might be missed, which would be disappointing to their family or friends. He also wants to obtain information from Town Clerk Eileen McCracken about how to compile a data base that wouldn't leave anyone out.

The discussion was continued until March 9.

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