Celebrating Hingham Farmers Market Day

August 5, 2021 by Hingham Farmers Market

The first week in August is “National Farmers Market Week,” and Hingham’s Select Board has joined the celebration by proclaiming Saturday August 7 “Hingham Farmers Market Day.” We are grateful for the Town’s continued enthusiastic support.

The point of Farmers Market Week is to raise awareness as well as to offer an opportunity to reflect on what markets like Hingham’s mean to the thousands of communities across the country that host them. Our friends at the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets recently published a description worth sharing:

“Farmers’ markets…are community hubs, small business incubators, and economic drivers for small farms and their communities. They feature high quality food and an amazing diversity of options from skilled farmers and food entrepreneurs. Shopping at farmers' markets helps local economies to thrive, creates a healthier environment, and grows happier, healthier people.

“Skilled farmers and food entrepreneurs.” “High quality food and an amazing diversity of options.” Helping “local economies to thrive. “Creating “a healthier environment…and happier, healthier people.” What’s not to love about a farmers’ market? There are over 200 of them in Massachusetts, thousands more across this great country and they all have the very same mission. If you’ve never been to one, come see a good one here on Saturdays, or visit one of the markets nearby. You’ll find the same great energy, spirit and sense of purpose at each one.

Think about it. Where would we be without local agriculture? Nearly completely dependent for our food from trucks, trains and ships arriving from hundreds or thousands of miles away, New England is at the end of a complicated food supply chain. The intrepid souls who continue to choose to farm on land that has become more valuable as house lots than farmland are or should be our true heroes. Farmers’ markets are lifelines for these folks. Support your farmers’ market, wherever you live.

Come see us at the Station St. parking lot on Saturdays through November.

The HFM Team

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