Three Things to Know About Hingham’s Weather This Week from Meteorologist Michael Page

Monday, November 9, 2020 by Michael Page

The work-week will begin with more beautiful, warmer-Than-average weather before things turn more autumn-like late week.

Here are three things to know about Hingham’s weather this week:


We’ve enjoyed several days of temperatures near, or in, the 70s during the day and that will carry over into this upcoming week: the first few days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will continue to be well-above average.

Beautiful sunshine on Monday and Tuesday will gradually hide behind clouds that arrive on Wednesday.


Photo by Unsplash artist Reza Shayestehpour.

A slug of rain will arrive at some point late Wednesday into Thursday; this will be the wettest part of the week after such a beautiful start.

This rain, however, will continue to improve our drought situation. Recent wet weather has moved us into a ‘Moderate’ drought, after being in an ‘Extreme’ drought just a few weeks ago.


Photo from Unsplash Artist "freestocks."

After the rain arrives mid-week, sunshine will remerge to close out the work-week, but it comes with cooler air.

High temperatures Friday into next weekend will be back down in the 50s, with overnight temperatures returning to the 40s.

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