This Week’s Weather Report by Meteorologist, Michael Page: “Lots of Sunshine”

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May 9, 2021 by Meteorologist, Michael Page

A gloomy stretch of weather finally breaks with a sunny, milder day for Mother's Day, and there's more where that came from!

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Quick Batch of Rain to Start Week

Although much of the day on Sunday will be bright and nice for Moms, clouds will increase over the course of the day. Rain comes in after dinner, and will continue overnight.

The first part of Monday will also be wet, with morning temperatures in the 40s to around 50.

By lunchtime the rain will be winding down, and the afternoon will feature breaks of sunshine as temperatures rise into the mid and upper 50s.

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Lots of Sunshine this Week

After the wet start to the week, get ready for several days of nice sunshine.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will each bring a good deal of sun. The brightest part of each day will be the morning, then puffy fair-weather clouds will bubble up during the afternoons.

Temperatures will be near 60 during the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, but likely in the upper 60s or close to 70 by Thursday.

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Spotty Shower Late Week

The next chance of rain comes in on Friday, but it's not even a high risk of rain.

Clouds will increase over the course of the day, and there may be a spot shower here or there during the afternoon. This is not an organized storm coming at us, per se, just some instability in the atmosphere.

While a bit of a downer emotionally for some, the recent wet pattern has actually had a benefit to our local streams and reservoirs.

Hingham, and much of the South Shore, is no longer considered 'abnormally dry', a stepping stone to drought.

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