Overdue Fines Reduced for DVD’s and Audiobooks at Hingham Public Library!

Photo courtesy of Hingham Public Library.
June 20, 2019
A message to Hingham Public Library patrons from the HPL Director, Linda Harper:

Great news! We have reduced our daily overdue fee for DVD’s and Audiobooks to just 20 cents per day, a significant change from the $2/day overdue fine for DVD’s and $1/day for Audiobooks that we had previously charged.  Video fines in the Children’s collection have been reduced even more to 10 cents per day, so now our audio-visual materials have the same overdue fine structure as our books.

We hope that these changes will help to remove potential barriers to library use while improving overall service and convenience for all of our patrons.  So come on in and check out a good movie, bring out the popcorn, and enjoy the show!

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