Outdoor table service approved for sports center, downtown coffee shop

brewed awakenings
July 22, 2020 by Carol Britton Meyer

South Shore Sports Center is doing everything it can to "stay afloat" during COVID-19, with most of its usual activities on hold for the time being.

Last night's Selectmen approval of SSSC's outdoor table service proposal is a step in the right direction. The menu for the sports center -- located at 55 Recreation Park Dr. in South Hingham -- will feature mainly what Wade Zawagsky -- speaking for SSSC -- called its "famous pizza," along with alcoholic and other beverages.

"Before COVID-19, families would come in and order two or three pizzas," Zawagsky said. "They love our pizza!"

SSSC has found a way "to use space that we have available for outdoor dining safely," Zawagsky said. Turf will be placed on one of the grassy areas to enhance its appearance, with tables and chairs set up and white lights strung for a festive atmosphere.

Brewed Awakenings

Two bistro tables with two chairs each will be placed on the public sidewalk at the corner of South and Main Streets outside Brewed Awakenings to offer a place for customers to sit while waiting for their takeout orders. The Selectmen also approved this proposal last night.

"It's simple. The tables and chairs are just for comfort, not food service," said Helen Bellis, speaking for Brewed Awakenings.   Customers will be able to enjoy their take-out coffee and pastry or other menu item at one of the tables, though, with planters to help create a welcoming setting. There is no indoor seating at this time due to COVID-19.

The tables will be put outside in the morning and taken inside at closing time. Only Brewed Awakenings customers will be allowed to use them.

Some additional paperwork needs to be filled out before outdoor seating can be implemented.

Upon hearing the board's okay during the remote meeting, Bellis said, "Yay! Thank you! Come and have a seat sometime!"

These outdoor seating plans were approved under an expedited COVID-19-related process that allows businesses that gain the necessary town approvals to reopen for outside dining only, after being closed for all but takeout/curbside pickup for the past few months. Such approvals expire no later than Nov. 1.

Both SSSC and Brewed will abide by all social distancing and other COVID-19 requirements.

Call SSSC and Brewed Awakenings or visit their websites for full details about when outdoor seating will be available and their hours of operation.

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