OPINION: Reinventing Holiday Traditions

Feb. 13, 2021 by Maya Hobson

Did anyone have a feeling that Christmas and other holidays would be different this year? Well, I did. Hingham has had various celebrations that might have been different from the past. As far as Covid goes, we weren’t able to have our big Christmas parties and the amount of people going was very little. As much as I hate the rules and all in Covid, I want every person in Hingham to be safe and sound with their families, and even people outside of Hingham to be safe too! The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones. My family and I recently spent time outside stringing lights for a light festival that my school was doing, which we never do. It’s usually always my dad who is doing it. It was a very special moment that we shared and I had fun.

Valentine's Day has been so fun in the past like waking up and seeing heart shaped pancakes, or flowers to cheer you up, or even just a simple “I love you” to make your day! This year it’s going to be different due to Covid restrictions, of course. You may not be doing the same things you have done in the past, you may have to get creative. Whether it’s through email, or going to drop off Valentines in friends' mailboxes, or just socially distancing and saying I love you to loved ones you visit. I know it will still be special in different ways. Although all holidays this year have been different, we can still find creative, different, and safe ways to make an effort to make the holidays of 2021 work!

-Maya Hobson

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