Opinion: “Michelle understands the varying perspectives and opinions within the town”

May 18, 2021, Submitted by Mia Kourafas, a Senior at Hingham High

Why is Michelle Larned a good candidate for the Selectboard?

The future of Hingham relies on the voters and the candidates they choose to represent our town. A good candidate embodies and embraces the views that the Hingham people believe. As a student at Hingham High School, I want a selectperson that works towards a better future for the town as a whole.

Michelle Larned is someone I hope to see on the Selectboard because of her ambition and commitment. Since moving, I’ve seen Michelle involve herself within the Hingham community. Through her efforts with the Hingham Pride Project, June 2020 had a record-breaking amount of pride flags. The representation of the LQBTQ+ community throughout the town reflects the change and inclusivity Michelle hopes to embody within the future of Hingham. Her involvement with Hingham High School’s Gay Straight Alliance Club demonstrates her eagerness to directly work with the community.  As a student it’s important to see members listening to the youth of Hingham. Michelle understands the varying perspectives and opinions within the town; she simply cares about the greater good of the town and its people. At the Hingham Historical Society, Michelle exerted her diligence as she worked with the non-profit organization as a volunteer to help with events. Her work to provide opportunities within the community reflects her assiduous attitude.

Overall, Michelle’s commitment and willingness to work toward the better of Hingham is why she makes a good candidate for the Hingham Selectboard. I’ve never met someone who cares so deeply about the projects they take on. I know if Michelle is granted the opportunity to serve on the Hingham Selectboard, she will continue to work toward social justice within the Hingham community. We need an individual that will work to progress Hingham.

Mia Kourafas is a 2021 Graduate of Hingham High School. She will be attending Mount Holyoke College.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Larned

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