New Paragon Boardwalk will be a ‘family culinary adventure’

Photo courtesy of Paragon Boardwalk

January 13, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

Visitors to the revitalized Paragon Boardwalk in Hull, owned by Hingham residents Chris and Diana Reale, will be part of a "family culinary adventure."

The venue will feature Townshend and Pearl & Lime Bar & Cocina eateries in two of the shipping containers that will dot the site -- offshoots of the two popular Quincy restaurants with the same names -- and much more.

"The idea is for families and others who come here to find something new to enjoy every time they visit," said Townshend and Pearl & Lime owner Devin Adams.

The targeted opening date is around Memorial Day, dependent on COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at that time.

The concept behind the new Boardwalk is to build on the nostalgia of what made Paragon Park special during its heyday while upgrading the quality and service.

Photo courtesy of Paragon Boardwalk

Pearl & Lime will offer tacos, a raw bar, and other tasty offerings. The Townshend kitchen will operate the high-quality beach food concept, including fried chicken sandwiches, salads, pizza, and much more.

Many Hingham residents are already fans of the two Quincy restaurants, which they have frequented. "Quality is the driver," Adams said. "Hingham patrons who are already familiar with Pearl & Lime and Townshend will now have another option to enjoy their offerings in neighboring Hull, with views of the ocean."

Outdoor table service will be provided on the boardwalk, with "pick up and go" food service for beachgoers.

The Paragon Beach Club, the lifestyle aspect of the Boardwalk property, will feature fitness and yoga classes and family activities.

Social distancing and face mask requirements will be followed on the entire site.

Boardwalk offerings will also include craft beer, margaritas made with fresh-squeezed juice, food trucks, and an ice cream operation run by Townshend and its culinary partners. "It'll be a fun concept, featuring different ice cream flavors blended with various mixes," Adams said.

Reale recently submitted a mixed-use proposal for the 3.5-acre parcel next to the Boardwalk that was once part of Paragon Park, which he refers to as a "premier oceanfront destination at the entrance to Hull."

Photo courtesy of Chris Reale

If the necessary Hull town approvals are gained, the mixed-use building will feature year-round retail space, 140 rental units, and related amenities and improvements.

The arcade -- which has been closed for nearly a year -- and the miniature golf course would be demolished to make way for the new development.

6 thoughts on “New Paragon Boardwalk will be a ‘family culinary adventure’”

  1. The architecture of the building is bland, boring and doesn’t represent the ocean vibe nor New England. I think they also need to focus more on the local community and families with children. What retail spaces are they thinking of? Maybe they could find room on the ground floor for some type of arcade? Really need a way to modernize AND keep the charm of a small New England beach town. I hate the ugly condo/apartment buildings we already have (we have nicknamed them the Soviet block apts)

  2. Not sure how they are “build(ing) on the nostalgia of what made Paragon Park special during its heyday” if the plan is to ultimately demolish what has always made Hull family-friendly and charming in its own way, including the arcade and mini golf, just to build a bunch of condos in its place with upscale dining options. If you are going in that direction, rather than copying the Hingham Shipyard, I would suggest looking at Scituate’s Front Street for how to make condos/storefronts/dining look appealing and seaside appropriate.

    • I agree and I’m also confused — this charming boardwalk reminiscent of yesteryear will be wedged in to the side, under the shadow of this massive, hideous, soulless block? Or will it circle it? Either way, yuck. It looks like a hospital, no offense to hospitals.

  3. Hull needs entertainment. Not more ice cream or food shops. Something families can enjoy. Like the arcade. The only reason the arcade hasn’t been open in a year is because of covid. They just remodeled. What this is going to bring is more congestion to a small town.


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