Lightening up and Leaning in with Matt Gallagher

Assembly is a retail shop for men and women located in Downtown Hingham. Owner Matt Gallagher, originally from LA, comes to the east coast with over a decade working in the wholesale industry, currently representing a women's activewear brand. At Assembly, Matt's west coast style is transparent through his product assortment and in-store experience. You'll often find Matt chatting with customers in the shop's living room or catching some sun on the benches out front!

Hingham, meet Matt. 

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What is your main goal for Assembly?

To provide a great experience! We hope to drive fun conversation while engaging fantastic product that we really love. Shopping small boutiques are all about trust and we’re working hard to gain that from the community.

How and why did you start Assembly?

It always starts with the space – the idea has been there for years but it was really the move to the South Shore that pushed the needle. We wanted to get to know the community and this was the most natural way for me to go about it. I had Evan walk through Downtown Hingham and 24 North St. was the only space open. I’ve always been a quick committer and this wasn’t any different.

What has been the most rewarding part of running a business?

That shopping bag going out the door! It means I’ve done something right… the product, the service, both? Either way, their time at Assembly was worthy of their support!

What is the most challenging?

Unplugging – it hardly happens.

What have you found most surprising about starting and managing a business?

How much I really don't know! I stay focused on what I do well and rely on others to help where I come up short.

Who has been your most memorable customer?

My first customer and first employee – Mary! She’s been such a supporter of Assembly and I rely on her experience and advice almost daily.

What have you loved most about life in Hingham?

Seeing how much Hingham residents love living here. I didn’t really grow up attached to a town, so I can’t picture a place I’d want to go back to and start a family. That speaks volumes! As a fresh east coaster, I’m leaning in and appreciating the warm welcome!

What have you noticed is the biggest difference between East and West Coast culture?

Speaking to the actual coasts - the biggest difference on the East Coast is the way towns celebrate summer! It's anticipated more than anything else and savored until it's final days in September... Summer on the West Coast is just the warmer months of the year - life is as usual year round. It's taken for granted, big time.

What is your favorite local spot and restaurant?

We always have a fun time at Trident but favorites are chosen by how good their gimlet is… Tosca does a solid job and it’s a just few doors down.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Lighten up and lean in!

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