Jagger — Hingham’s favorite dog — will be missed

Jagger Taylor

7/16/07 - 05/04/20

Jagger at Christmas. Photo provided by the Taylor family.

May 5, 2020 by Carol Britton Meyer (all photos courtesy of the Taylor Family) The first thing that would catch the eye of people driving, walking, or running by 54 Pleasant St. over the past six years was a beautiful Golden Retriever sitting or lying on the bench in the front yard, placidly watching  passersby or enjoying a tummy rub or a treat from one of his admirers.

Jagger in his favorite spot. Photo provided by the Taylor family.

Now the bench is filled with flowers, painted rocks, notes, photos, balls, and dog treats as a memorial to Jagger -- who passed away peacefully yesterday morning -- and a tribute to the joy he brought to the lives of all who knew him. He was loved by everyone who encountered him -- whether once or regularly during their daily walk or run.

Jagger in the Fall. Photo provided by the Taylor family.

Jagger not only liked to sit on benches; he also enjoyed sitting on diving boards, pool lounges, and couches (a big no-no!)

"Some people have told me they would alter their route just so they could see Jagger," his owner, Kathleen Taylor told the Hingham Anchor. "He was such a beloved town figure."

There has been an outpouring of love and support for her family as seen in the number of gifts in his memory that have been dropped on the bench he used to sit on, and the many comments on Pinboard, where Taylor posted a photo of Jagger in his memory, calling him a one-of-a-kind special dog. "It's heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time," she said.

Jagger, who was born on July 16, 2007, lived on Wanders Drive with the Taylors -- Kathleen and her husband, Kevin, and their three sons -- Cameron, Bowen, and Brendan -- for the first seven years of his life before moving to their new home at the corner of Pleasant and Middle Street in Hingham Centre.

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"Being in a higher-traveled area, he caught the attention of countless people," Taylor said. "He was the sweetest dog you could ever ask for, and hardly ever barked. He was a breeze to train and gave us more love and joy than I could ever express."

Jagger with his favorite toy, Gumby.

As much as Jagger enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones, he was especially loyal to Taylor. "He would cling to me," she said. "I would sometimes say to the person passing by who stopped to say hello to him, 'I'll go inside for a minute while you enjoy Jagger.' It's amazing how many lives he touched."

Unfortunately, his health started failing in the past year. "Jagger developed laryngeal paralysis, which made his breathing really difficult, but of course, he never complained," Taylor said on Monday after his passing. "The vet said he was deteriorating, and there was nothing we could do to make him comfortable. Today has been beyond devastating. I told Jagger as I said my goodbyes that he would be greeted in Heaven by my parents and their beloved German Shepherd."

One of Jagger's final walks. 4/21/20


One of Jagger's final walks. 4/21/20

On their way home from the vet's, the Taylors were stopped at the lights at Queen Anne's corner, and in the car next to them was a German Shepherd, head out the window enjoying the beautiful day. "For me, that was a sign that he had made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge and was welcomed by my family," Taylor said.

Jagger will be missed, not only by his family but also by those who pass by the now-empty bench. "He was truly a once-in-a-lifetime dog," Taylor said.


10 thoughts on “Jagger — Hingham’s favorite dog — will be missed”

  1. That dog would give my whole family a smile they all needed (including my 2 dogs) and we would, as it said, alter our route to see this adorable dog. We actually did that today and at the bench, sadly we saw flowers and signs saying he passed.. immediately we ran and got him some cute flowers. Rest in piece you beautiful dog and there truly was a bench waiting for you in heaven.

  2. I loved that guy too! We were good friends! He made me feel guilty if I drove by without stopping— which wasn’t often! Wow, I’m going to miss him dearly! Jagger was one in a million ❤️🐾❤️

  3. This is such sad news. We have been driving by for years with our daughter hoping to catch a glimpse of Jagger. What a sweet boy. Happy we were able to see him a few days ago. Thinking of your family. Thank you to Jagger for always putting a smile on ours faces.

  4. My family loved seeing Jagger. As with everyone else, we would alter our route to see him. We drove by yesterday and sadly saw his tribute on the bench. RIP Jagger. We’ll miss seeing you ❤️

  5. I never went by that I didn’t pull my car over and cross over to give him a quick hug and always got one in return!!!!

  6. My mother called me and told me that Jagger passed away. My best buddy whom I have known for the past seven years. I was so heartbroken that it influenced me to write yet another poem “Jagger”. I went to the Taylor’s house and gave to them this poem and my favorite photos of Jagger!!! They were thrilled and that I will never forget my special moments I had with Jagger. My poem will be published in an upcoming edition of the South Shore Puzzle Journal.

  7. I work for the hingham DPW and loved stopping by to say hi to jagger and have taken lots of photos of him lying on his bench , he looked just like our old golden Marley who had the same condition and lived to 12 our family currently have a golden named Oscar who does the same as jagger loves to lie on benches and our outdoor furniture! Thankyou jagger for making me smile everytime I passed your house and used to say I wonder what he’s thinking !


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