Info About Bear Sightings Reported by Cohasset Police

June 8, 2021 by HPD

While we haven't had any bear sightings in Hingham yet, you may be aware Cohasset Police have reported that a bear was seen there today and it may head to Hingham or into Wompatuck State Park. It is likely to be same bear who was nicknamed "Boo-Boo" by several area police departments.

Please note that if the bear is sighted in Hingham, you do not need to call to report bear sightings now to the Hingham Police unless it is a hazardous situation for you or for the bear. The Massachusetts Environmental Police are monitoring the situation and will only take steps to relocate the bear if it is in danger. Published reports have said this has not been the case so far.

If you see a bear, do not approach it, attempt to scare it, or leave food out for it. Experts recommend these steps below to to make your property less attractive when there is bear activity in your area:

  • remove bird feeders
  • secure all trash/recycling containers
  • clean/cover all grills
  • remove any outdoor pet food
  • tell your neighbors if you see the bear

To protect your pets, consider not leaving them outside in your yard alone and when walking a dog, use a leash (so you can control them and remove them should you encounter a bear).

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