Hingham High School Drama Club Senior Spotlight

Photos by Joshua Ross

May 8, 2020

Today was supposed to be the final time the drama club seniors would appear on stage with their classmates. If 2020 went as planned, tonight was going to be opening night of "12 Angry Jurors," the HHS Spring play. We were looking forward to covering the play, but since we can not, we decided to celebrate these standout drama club seniors by letting them share their thoughts on the past, the future and what lies ahead.

Lizzy Ford

"As one of the co- presidents of the Drama Club, I can say that it has been a hard hit not to be able to experience the tradition of passing the torch onto the next seniors who will run this club with efficiency and care. Our annual Thespian Night is spent performing, congratulating, having fun, and preparing ourselves for the next three seasons on stage. It is unfortunate and sad that I don’t get to officially tell the rest of the Drama Club what the next year looks like for them as us seniors say goodbye.

Also, usually at this time we would be putting the last touches on our spring show, which was going to be 12 Angry Men this year. The rest of the cast and I were so unbelievably excited to be a part of such a serious and thoughtful show. I can speak for the seniors when I say it breaks our hearts not to have closure in regard to the four years of hard work and dedication in order to entertain the rest of the student body, staff, and even the Hingham community who so graciously support every performance of ours."

Isabella MacNaughton

"I joined Hingham High School’s Drama Club in my freshman year of high school as a recruit for the sound team. While juggling various other interests throughout high school, theatre stood out more than the rest. After falling in love with sound production over three musicals, two festival competitions, and one spring play, I finally became the head of the Drama Club’s sound department. The transition from Sound Assistant to Sound Head was a big responsibility, weighted by the need to train recruits at the same time. The job included creating sound effects, controlling all the microphones, and perfecting their delivery live. However, I am so grateful for the experience the performing arts has granted me. This community at Hingham High School has blossomed into a remarkable place where students find acceptance, learn leadership, and share a passion for the performing arts. My position as Sound Head enabled me to demonstrate and share hard work with my peers. Although I should go unnoticed by the audience, I do not go unnoticed by anyone in the Drama Club. I am in awe of my classmates and teachers for the compassion they exude both on and off stage. They inspire me to carry these aspirations with me into the future at UMASS Amherst, where I will be studying biomedical engineering!"

Nick Capodilupo

"I have really enjoyed being a member of the Hingham High Drama Club and Chorus over the last 4 years.  I have made some great friendships and admire all the talented students here.  I’m disappointed that the spring play got cancelled because it was the last opportunity to perform with everyone.  Some of us have been performing together since middle school. I will miss working with everyone in the cast and the Directors and the crew.  Thankfully my journey does not end here.  I am attending Ithaca College in the Fall as a Vocal Performance Major and I have committed to play football as well."

Peyton Semjen

"HHS Drama Club was where I found some of my closest friends and the nicest people I will ever meet. There's something really special about that type of connection you make on a stage with your peers that you can't find in any other place. This year our festival play was a small cast of only five main actors, three of which, myself included, were seniors. After months of rehearsal, this cast became somewhat of a family, and for the first time in my Drama Club career, we made it past prelims. It is with great disappointment that we were not able to compete in the semi-finals, and that we had no idea our last rehearsal would be the last time we would perform the play. Despite our show being cut short, I know that the connections we made between the cast and the crew will not end with graduation, but will continue throughout our lives."

Harriet Wiley

"High school has been an unforgettable experience, and one I would never give up. I have made a myriad of friends from all grades and discovered my passions through Band and Drama Club, and though it has been crushing to learn that the rest of senior year was canceled, I have learned to be so grateful for what I have experienced. I cannot wait for college so I can continue to participate in the extracurricular performance arts, and am thankful for everyone who has encouraged my love of the stage and its magic."

Morgan Willison

"I'm so grateful for the time I've gotten with Hingham Drama. Some of the most memorable moments from the past three and a half years have come from being on stage or at rehearsal with some of my best friends. I can still vividly remember being backstage after the last production of SLUT: The Play. All the upperclassmen were crying, and I was as well, but everyone kept telling me to be grateful that I had three more years. Now on the other side of it, I can't believe how fast those years went. I wish I could go back to the start, or even just to the fall and perform Mamma Mia! one more time. It's hard knowing that my last time performing on the Hingham High School stage has already come and gone, but I go forward knowing that there are so many incredible theatre kids who will continue to produce wonderful shows next year and for years to come. Thank you to everyone who has made my drama club experience as wonderful as it was. I wouldn't change a thing."

2 thoughts on “Hingham High School Drama Club Senior Spotlight”

  1. Morgan,
    Watching you and your friends perform was a highlight of your high school years. You were all dedicated and exciting actors.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Dearest Morgan. Please be sure your theater friends stay close. You will go on to USC all the richer for their love and friendship.
    I love you. You are perfect. Don’t change a thing. 😉Namma


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