Hingham High Crew Racing Again: Girls Team Shuts Out Phillips Academy

Girls 1v; Photo courtesy of Holly Moriarty

May 5, 2021, Submitted by Holly Moriarty

707 days since their last spring race, the Hingham High School Crew team was excited to compete again this past Saturday against Phillips Academy and made a great showing all around.

Phillips hosted the races in Andover on the Merrimack River. Varsity boats competed in 1,500 meter races and novice (first year) rowers 1,000 meters. All racers rowed in eight-boats (eight rowers and a coxswain).

The teams enjoyed a beautiful day for racing, with a chilly morning that warmed up with plenty of sunshine. The rowers did contend with gusty winds, especially strong at the beginning of the race. About 500 meters in, the racers had more shelter from the crosswind, but experienced strong headwinds throughout the course.

“Our crews fared well in the wind. If rowing on the harbor teaches us anything, it’s how to handle wind!” said Marika Kopp, head coach of the girls team.

Hingham girls first varsity (V-1) boat pulled out a win by 13 seconds. Racing for V-1 were Emma O’Horo (coxswain), Charlotte Bogen, Kate Gallagher, Lilly Bryant, Anna Wagner, Olivia Wegener, Teagan Schnorr, Cassandra Dasco, and Claire Gallagher.

Boys 1v; Photo courtesy of Holly Moriarty

The boys first varsity boat lost by just two boat lengths to Phillips Academy. V-1 included Eric Smith (coxswain), Jack Magner, Tasman Claridge, John Rogan, Joe Decola, Luke Turnak, Keegan Mahon, Theo Grossman, and Leo Williams.

The girls second varsity boat prevailed over Phillips by more than three boat lengths. Rowing for V-2 were Alison Tocchio (coxswain), Devon Moriarty, Lily Murphy, Elena Bryden, Helena Orth, Zoe Angel, Anna Capodilupo, Sadie Neidecker, and Kathryn Feeley.

Boys 2v; Photo courtesy of Holly Moriarty

HHS boys second varsity boat finished behind the Phillips team and included Michael Wegener (coxswain), Cam Santarelli, Griffin Perkins, Will D’Arcy, Ned MacDonald, Jake Moraites, Oskar Scholund, and Brennan Beitler.

Girls 3v; Photo courtesy of Holly Moriarty

HHS girls third varsity boat won by a lead of 26 seconds (or about four boat lengths), coxed by Maddie McPhillips, with Bayan Traiba, Abby Brown, Grace Desai, Elena Vasilakos, Alison Dasco, Ellie Dodd, Sophie Kerr, and Mazie Neidecker rowing.

Hingham boys third varsity came in behind Phillips to the finish. Racers included coxswain Eric Smith, and rowers Gabe Wagner, Nick Germain, Nathan Tesler, Logan Littell, Joe Delmonico, A.J. Rubel, Walker Shetty, and Michael Magner.

HHS boys fourth varsity boat lost by just 16 seconds to Phillips with coxswain Michael Wegener and rowers James Donelly, Adam Quinn, Colin Menuchi, Alex Hart, Charlie Rogan, Jake Robbins, Joe Cassidy, and Jack Burns.

Two Hingham girls novice boats (first year HHS rowers) competed against Phillips’ novice boat and took first and third places. The winning novice boat included Alexa Fox (coxswain), Sophie Kerr, Maisie Knies, Grace Desai, Bridget Sandler, Denley Bellows, Luka Gutierrez, Bayan Traiba, and Jordan Peterson. The second novice boat was coxed by Sophia Murphy with rowers Alison Dasco, Patti Ricci, Caroline Turnak, Genevieve Vale, Ellie Dodd, Nora Pluto, Ava Lydotes, and Mazie Neidecker.

In the first novice race for the boys, Phillips pulled ahead against HHS coxswain Harrison Kennedy and rowers Dylan Drew, James Barry, Joshua Bradshaw, Eamon Murphy, Jack Salem, Nikolaus Gibson, Alex Doggett, and Kyle Strauss.

In the second boys novice race, HHS competed against two Phillips boats coming in third, coxed by Harrison Kennedy with rowers  Dylan Drew, Hunter Schultz, Jack Renna, James Feeley, Jake Kennedy, Nikolaus Gibson, Ryan Kost, and Kyle Strauss.

View full races results here.

Scout; Photo courtesy of Holly Moriarty

While the rowers missed out on regattas during COVID, they kept busy and engaged throughout the pandemic under coaches Kopp, Pat Houle, and Hayes Shea for the girls team, and John O’Neill (head coach), Austin Letorney, and Jack Murphy for the boys team. Last spring, rowers took part in a virtual season with coaches lending ergs (rowing machines) to all rowers and conducting practices and even races over Zoom five days a week.

The team practiced this past fall on the water, the only public high school team in the state to do so, and trained throughout the winter, erging with their coaches and cross training at Mass MVMT, Krigsman Yoga, and Cycle Town.

Additionally over the past year, six members of the girls team have set world records for rowing. Last June, then sophomores, Ella Niehoff and Devon Moriarty, both erged for 34 hours straight to jointly hold the under 19, lightweight longest continual row title. This winter, senior Cassandra Dasco and junior Helena Orth rowed tandem (alternating at two-hour intervals) for 50 hours for the under 19, open longest tandem erg world record. Most recently, Ella Niehoff went for her second world record with senior Emma O’Horo for the under 19, lightweight tandem erg world record, also rowing 50 hours.

The team is thrilled to be racing again and gearing up next to take on Duxbury this Sunday in Bare Cove Park!

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