Hingham Friends Launch “FLAG Boston” to Support Front Line Workers and Local Restaurants

April 2, 2020 (Courtesy photo: note, photo above was taken in 2018 prior to Social Distancing) 

A group of Hingham friends has banded together in an effort to help those on the front lines to launch FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) Boston.  Organizers Kathleen Thrun, Shelly Osterberg, Wray Jean Clifford, Kirsty Nicholson (from Scituate), Carolyn Kaslauskas   (from Norwell) and Amy Crean set out several days ago to make a difference during the pandemic and their efforts are paying off in a major way.

The mission of FLAG is simple, make a small donation that is aggregated with other donations to purchase meals from local restaurants and deliver them to local hospital staff. This idea originated from a program that started in New Jersey and then moved on to Metro Detroit with great success in both locations.

"The effort benefits both our front line workers and also our local restaurants making it a win-win while offering a way to make a difference at a low price point," shared Kathleen Thrun.

Organizers have raised over $3500 in just a few days and meal donations are already being distributed.

"This community is the best," added Thrun.

Here is what you need to know:

⭐️100% of the money raised will be used to buy meals from local restaurants and delivered to local hospital staff. The goal is to have towns/cities duplicate this model and give people an easy way to make an impact while helping all our AMAZING medical teams.

⭐️You are invited join this group, share with others, and even duplicate it in your own area if you are not local. Your donation may be small, but together we can make a huge difference!

1) PayPal: Send to flagboston@gmail.com (use “Friends and Family” so they don’t incur charges)

2) Venmo: @flagboston (if Venmo asks for a 4 digit code to confirm use 4249)

Another amazing example of our community coming together to help out - way to go ladies!


2 thoughts on “Hingham Friends Launch “FLAG Boston” to Support Front Line Workers and Local Restaurants”

  1. This is so great. My husband is in ICU on Blake 7 at MGH and we set up a food train for the staff there. We have raised enough for lunch and dinner for several weeks in just a few hours. We have called them “the Angels of Blake 7” – this team is giving my husband a fighting chance.

    I think this is amazing.
    Thank you


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