High-End House Flipping

May 25, 2021 by Ally Donnelly

With a toothy grin and disarming charm, PJ Antonik takes up all the space in a room. He is the founder and frontman of Oak Development & Design, a home renovation firm based in Hingham. He has his own TV show, podcast and clients snapping up his Instagram-marketed homes.

Antonik bristles at the phrase "house flipper." He says he's not your typical flipper, putting "lipstick on a pig" as he calls it. He buys the "worst" homes in the best neighborhoods to renovate or rebuild and sell in the $1 to $3 million dollar range.

For all his charisma, Antonik knows he's not everyone's cup of tea. When his projects rankle neighbors, he is unapologetic. "I don't want to be people's enemy," he says. "I go into a neighborhood with great intentions, but people don't like change. I'm here to be part of the community. That's my goal. I live here."

In today's episode, we talk about his first flip in Hingham, a stint on All my Children and his latest multi-million dollar build on Kimball Beach in Crowe Point. Have a listen.


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