Four Local Downtown Hingham Businesses Thriving Thanks to Community Connection

Bill and Linda Genovese

September 8, 2022 By Carol Britton Meyer

What do four local Downtown Hingham businesses – The Snug, Child-Genovese Insurance, Hingham Greenery and South Shore Bank all have in common? They are all continuing to thrive in large part thanks to their dedication to community and the support they receive in return.

South Shore Bank helps local businesses prosper through its supportive and trusted approach in offering small business and personal loans and other services to meet clients' individual needs."All decision-making is local,” First Vice President for Small Business Banking John Mannion told the Hingham Anchor.

The Hingham branch is located in the downtown area, providing easy accessibility for its many clients.

Based on the philosophy that "serving our community is the foundation from which we grow," South Shore Bank offers "live contact with the decision-makers, which really makes the process go quicker and smoother" when considering or applying for a loan, according to Mannion.

John Mannion at the South Shore Bank branch in Downtown Hingham.

"We believe in relationship banking, and we are trusted advisors," he said. "It's not just about making a transaction or approving a loan. We don't go away. We like to stay in touch with our clients,  and if opportunities or challenges arise, they can reach out to us for assistance. We're always available."

Bill Genovese, president of Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, a longtime client of South Shore Bank and also neighbor at 99 South St shares that same connection to community.

This independent insurance agency, with a rich history dating back to 1892, prides itself on its commitment to its clients, fine customer service, and ensuring that the insurance coverage it provides protects its customers to the fullest extent possible at their time of need.

"We work with and support our customers. We take care of them," Genovese said. "My faith is important to me, and that provides a foundation for how to run the business and serve the community."

The focus remains on personalized policies "that meet individual needs, whether commercial or personal insurance," he said.

Genovese joined the then-Boston based company -- formerly known as W.B.B. Child -- in 1985, with a name change to Child-Genovese in 1997.

"We opened our Hingham office in 2010 and brought our Boston office and our then-107 South St. office to our current location in 2017," he explained.

As with South Shore Bank next door, Child-Genovese has a reputation for knowing the community and the customers it serves, being responsive to their needs, and for its stability.

Genovese's son, Joshua, has joined the business, which will continue the company's legacy for generations to come.

Snug owners Ed Brown and his wife, Ellen Nally Brown, are no different  when it comes to their dedication to community - The Snug, now in its 20th year, and Ellen's other business -- the Hingham Greenery in the Square – is now in its 32nd year operating in Downtown Hingham.

Ed and Ellen Nally Brown

A key to the success of the Browns' two businesses is the support shown by the community during the pandemic and moving forward. "Business at the Snug is good. We're pretty much back to normal after being closed early on due to COVID and then offering take-out service and outdoor dining, which is really popular," Brown said. "We were fortunate to be able to retain most of our staff, which we can rely on to do right by our customers and keep them happy." The live entertainment is another draw.

The Hingham Greenery is also doing a brisk business. During the time businesses were required to shut their doors during the pandemic, the silver lining was the opportunity this provided to make indoor renovations to the Snug "when we were closed anyway," he explained.

About three years ago, the Brown’s chose to move all of their business banking operations over to South Shore Bank due to their shared values and community connection.

"South Shore Bank offered competitive rates, and John Mannion was very accessible throughout the transition process," Brown said. "He has a great team around him that caters to our needs on a personal level, right here in downtown Hingham. We could speak to an actual person. What attracted us was the local community aspect," Brown said. "Before we decided to switch to South Shore Bank, we met CEO Jim Dunphy and John at the Snug and had a nice conversation. They were focusing on developing their local business portfolio, and that -- along with the customer service aspect -- convinced us to make the change."

The Browns also appreciate South Shore Bank's consistent show of support for local organizations and activities.

South Shore Bank gives of its time through employee volunteer programs and resources — providing grants, donations, and sponsorships to various community groups throughout the region.

Child-Genovese and the Browns are also supportive of local groups and organizations that benefit the community, which is another reason all three businesses have such strong community connections and continue to thrive.

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