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Photo courtesy of Lynn Barclay, Executive Director of the Hingham Downtown Association

November 25, 2020, Submitted by Mona K. Pohl for the Hingham Downtown Business Association

Making time for self-care is truly not a luxury. Daily exercise routines, therapeutic massages, and specialized skincare can make a difference in a person’s overall, long term well-being. We often feel we’re overindulging or unproductive by stepping away from the to-dos packed into our calendars for an hour of exercise, a refreshing or rejuvenating skin treatment or whatever might please us. It’s time to put the necessity of pleasure on our must-do lists.

Taking care of our bodies and tuning into our emotional barometer in more than one beneficial way is worth every second away from overused computer screens. Downtown Hingham is a close and lovely escape where you can drive in minutes, possibly walk depending upon where you live and find a healthy hour for yourself. Whether it’s a Spin Class at Cycle Town, Yoga at Krigsman or a massage, facial, waxing and other services at Tryst Studio and Saisons Holistic Skin Care Salon, there is so much to be gained by a comparatively small hiatus from the day-to-day routine.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Barclay, Executive Director of the Hingham Downtown Association

Each of these businesses is owned by people who are passionate about their specialty and even more so about their clients and members. They all live by the philosophies that initially inspired them to launch, and locating in downtown Hingham was a commitment they all made. Kristen Grossman, owner of Cycle Town made this very clear when she said, “We’re in business to make life better and help people feel good. Just going from the car to class and back is a pleasant walk where you can look at the shops (even at 5:30 in the morning). It’s easy to feel more connected to the community being right in Downtown.”

Amanda Shields, owner of Krigsman Yoga added, “I discovered yoga while living in Baltimore and when I found out I was moving back here, it was clear I was meant to bring it back with me to the South Shore. I grew up in Scituate and spent a lot of time running around Downtown Hingham as a kid and my family currently lives here, so it felt right to open Krigsman in Downtown. We provide a relatable, consistent experience in a safe, judgement-free environment, and we want everyone to experience yoga for themselves to understand why we think it’s awesome!”

The convenience of having high quality services and multiple options for fitness close-by is more valuable than ever. With schedules that are hectic – but different than what most people are used to – it’s possible to find opportunities during the week to cycle, stretch and meditate, pop Downtown quickly for a brow wax, an hour-long facial, a relaxing massage or an uplifting spray tan. WFH can mean everything doesn’t need to be crammed into the weekend, which immediately reduces stress and raises the joy factor.

In addition to easy access, it’s important to find comfort – whether it’s actually physical or emotional – in a setting where the objective is taking care of yourself. Welcoming, safe, inspiring, and relaxing are key ingredients to an enjoyable experience at any time. When the business is owned by an invested member of the community there is even a greater sense of connection and trust. Kelly Stuart, Hingham resident and owner of Tryst has always considered the environment of her business a key priority. “We created Tryst to be a safe haven for women regardless of what service they are coming in for.  It’s a place where women can be comfortable and not judged.”

Photo courtesy of Lynn Barclay, Executive Director of the Hingham Downtown Association

The extraordinary effort each of these women-owned businesses has put forth to offer the Hingham community convenience, unparalleled service and little oases all over Downtown –and remotely – has been recognized by the community and greatly appreciated. During the shutdown this spring, Stacey Tomasello, owner of Saisons, was delivering favorite products to clients (they shipped to some who were stuck for an extended time out of state), along with needed groceries to some. Tryst moved quickly to make their products available online and kept communicating with their clients, Cycle Town rented out their bikes and, like Krigsman, offered a variety of remote classes to keep things interesting and meet the varying needs of their students. In the summer, Cycle Town moved some classes outside for a pop-up at the Paragon Boardwalk in Hull for ten days, which was wildly popular. Kristen Grossman shared her enthusiasm for Cycle Town’s riders: “We love our riders and we love what we do. When everyone had to be at home it was really hard. Seeing people and reconnecting with some we haven’t seen in a long time gave everyone – our riders and members of our team – a boost.”

Photo courtesy of Lynn Barclay, Executive Director of the Hingham Downtown Association

“The outpouring of the support from community, messages from people, the camaraderie of the other small businesses have been amazing,” said Kelly Stuart. Amanda Shields echoed a very similar sentiment and perspective, “The support of our community during this time has been humbling. They have touched our hearts.”

Along with her fellow businesswomen, Stacey Tomasello commented on her appreciation for her clients and Saison’s Downtown location: “Everything from our clients, the brickwork and the ocean, to our neighbors and the camaraderie among the businesses makes this a very special place.”

Each business continues to move forward with gratitude for their devoted clients, a commitment to meeting needs based on today’s swiftly changing landscape, an enthusiastic vision for the future, as well as scrupulous safety measures for everyone’s well-being. An example of how small shifts or an expansion in focus during these times can make a significant impact was explained by Stacey. “People are facing new skin challenges from constantly wearing masks. It’s simply a matter of having a conversation. We have treatment options and products that will help with redness, burning cheeks, and breakouts.”

As the holidays approach, our gatherings may be smaller and we might be suspending or temporarily amending some of our annual traditions. This means there may be more room for taking care of ourselves and finding the joy in a relatively small amount of time that makes a big difference. It can easily be found in beautiful downtown Hingham.

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