FIN-tastic Fundraising by PRS Shark Club

The PRS Shark Club Members from left-right Charlie Inglis, Lucas Proia, Jake Gorra and Liam Mulkerrin.
By Hilary Jenison, April 9, 2019

On Saturday April 6th, the members of the Plymouth River School’s Shark Club held a “FIN-nomenal” Save the Sharks fundraiser to “adopt” a Mako Shark as part of the Atlantic Shark Conservancy’s shark conservation efforts.   They set-up a Hot Chocolate stand on High Street for passersby which included the sale of shark cookies, shark fin Rice Krispy treats and shark tooth necklaces.

The PRS Shark Club is comprised of four first grade students including, Jake Gorra, Liam Mulkerrin, Charlie Inglis and Lucas Proia.

The boys, who all share a common affection for the ocean predator, decided after school one day that they loved sharks and needed to do something to help them and thus the PRS First Grade Shark Club was born.

According to Charlie Inglis, “Some species of sharks are endangered, and sharks are an important part of the marine life echo system.”

“We all love sharks, so we decided to form the Save the Sharks Club and do something to help,” added Jake Gorra.

“Our first goal is to adopt a Mako Shark, we’ll have further goals as we go on, but that’s our first step,” confirmed Lucas Proia.

Member, Liam Mulkerrin added “If you want to help, we developed tips to help save sharks.”

Five things you can do to help protect sharks, according to the Shark Club:

1.)    Don’t fish for sharks!

2.)    Don’t eat shark fin soup!

3.)    Don’t litter or throw trash in the water!

4.)    Use fewer plastic bags!

5.)    Learn more about climate change!

When asked if they were afraid of sharks – there was a resounding “NO” from the determined foursome. However, their parents confirm the boys take required precautions when near the ocean.

Kelly Gorra, a proud Shark Club mom, reported that the boys were successful in reaching their goal to adopt a shark raising $291 from their FIN-tastic fundraiser!  The boys are deciding how many sharks they would like to adopt with the money and all remaining proceeds will be donated to the Atlantic Shark Conservancy.

The Anchor gives a big FINS UP to these four awesome and determined students!

For more information, you can reach out to the Shark Club at





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