Community Support for the Hingham Girl Scout House

Photo courtesy of the Hingham Girl Scouts.

September 20, 2021 

The Hingham Girl Scout House is overwhelmed by the number of Hingham community members who have voted to improve our "Ugly Garden" in the contest sponsored by Weston Nurseries. Please continue to vote until Monday, September 20. The winner of the contest receives $1000 worth of plantings as well as help with design and planting.

The Hingham Girl Scout House, on Burr Road, is a meeting and gathering place for the town's approximately 400 registered Girl Scouts and their leaders. It was built in 1929 by the Hingham Girl Scouts and they have been stewards of the historic building ever since. The Girl Scouts of Hingham are fortunate to have this property as most towns do not have a common meeting space for their scouts. The Girl Scout House is currently fundraising to make the house handicap inclusive so that all girls and citizens can participate in all the house has to offer.

If you'd like to financially contribute to this endeavor please use our Go Fund Me link or checks payable to the Hingham Girl Scout House can be mailed to 26 Burr Road, Hingham, MA 02043. This is an enormous financial undertaking for a non-profit organization. The operating costs for the house are funded through dues, donations, and fundraising.

As a result of prioritizing this ADA initiative, the grounds have fallen into disrepair. It was once a lush open green space where girls could play field games, camp, and have campfires. It is now overgrown and barely has room for a couple of picnic tables and a firepit. It is an underused asset to Girl Scout programming. The overgrown yard is the public perception of the house and doesn't tell the true story of the beauty and friendship that happens inside.

The Hingham Girl Scouts want to restore the grounds to the beautiful space they used to be and are hoping that winning the Weston Nurseries contest serves as a needed start to the project. Over the years the girls have had meetings, sleepovers, haunted houses, dances, hot chocolate after holiday caroling, opportunities to earn badges, and just had fun. The space has also been used by the Boy Scouts, Girl Scout troops from other towns and states, town clubs, churches, and the Hingham Recreation Department. The Girl Scout House would like to continue to offer this resource to the town with a new ADA compliant bathroom, kitchen and beautiful grounds to complement these additions.

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