Candidate Profile: Laura Burns for Hingham Light Board

Laura Burns, Candidate for Hingham Light Board

I'm running for Light Board to support Hingham Light's work in delivering reliable electricity and great service for a reasonable rate, and to help implement the Light Board's commitment to sustainable operations, which is reflected in their new mission statement adopted last fall.

Residents are very happy with the rates and the service provided by Hingham Light, and job number one is to keep it that way. To deliver great service at a reasonable price is an impressive achievement, and I’m dedicated to maintaining that success.

The complexion of the U.S. energy market is changing rapidly, as is the way we use energy in our homes and businesses. As the nation’s energy market turns toward renewable sources, the light plant faces significant changes in the next few years. Demand may shift in ways difficult to predict. Electrification of functions currently powered by oil or gas will increase demand, but improvements in energy efficiency may lower demand. With good planning, we can capitalize on those changes, and meet the energy needs of our future.

“I hope to continue my service to the community in a new role, and I ask for the support of the voters to do that.  Together we can keep the lights on at a reasonable rate, and meet the energy challenges of the coming decades.”

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Laura’s commitment to Hingham serves to inspire. Her background, experience and knowledge of our town will be a real plus on the Light Board!  - Paul Healey, former Hingham selectman, 209 Main Street

I am supporting Laura Burns for election to the HLMP Board.  In her many municipal and other public service roles, she has gained a deep understanding of the town, an ability to assess needed HLMP infrastructure and policy changes and to communicate clearly with the public.  - Kathy Reardon, former Hingham selectman, 9 Steamboat Lane

Laura takes a balanced and thoughtful approach when addressing the challenging issues that affect our community. It’s important that we have leadership who will not only ensure we can continue to count on the outstanding service and reasonable rates that Hingham Light is already providing, but who appreciate that the world is changing and sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming significant market forces. Hingham Light will need to adapt with these changes and I believe Laura is well-qualified to steward this process. - Katie Sutton, 245 Leavitt Street

Laura Burns will protect HMLP's peerless reputation for keeping the lights on and the rates fair, while skillfully positioning the town to benefit & realize cost savings from the national trend to decarbonize our energy systems. As a former selectman for Hingham, she has a sterling record of service to the town and the reputation for listening to residents' concerns and solving problems fast and efficiently.  - Laurie Freeman, 269 High Street

Laura has been an active and well-respected leader in Hingham for many years. We look forward to benefiting from her skills, experience, dedication and ingenuity on the Light Board as Hingham’s energy demands increase and evolve.   - Meg and Brooks Robbins, 102 Thistle Patch Way

With Laura's experience on the Board of Selectmen and her multi-dimensional environmental activism, she knows how to get things done.  - Louise Smith, 185 North Street

Laura Burns is an excellent choice for the Hingham Light Board. She is competent and a true visionary, as well as a dedicated listener to constituents' concerns (as evidenced by her many years of service to the Town of Hingham both in her two terms as elected Selectman as well as Advisory Board Chair.) Hingham is fortunate to have someone of Laura's caliber ready, willing and able to serve. I heartily endorse her for the Hingham Light Board!  - Susie Wood, 15 Howard Road

A vote for Laura is a vote for electricity that is sustainable and affordable. - Carolyn and Heber Nielsen, 40 Ridgewood Crossing

This is the perfect time and Laura the perfect person to elect to our Hingham Light Board. Laura has the best combination of idealism, energy, intelligence, and political savvy to help the Light Board adapt to our changing times and needs. She's a former selectman who is deeply committed to the town, and I have the greatest enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of her joining the board to make our Hingham light plant even more effective.  - Ben Kerman, 33 Grove Avenue

Laura Burns is the best choice this year for Light Board. She’s honest, hardworking, and has an eye for the future, to build on the solid base we have with the Municipal Light Plant and continue its excellence into the future.  - Dan Power, 1 King Philip Path

I have come to greatly admire the knowledge and skills Laura has gained from decades of public service to our town in a variety of roles. Most importantly, she places a high value on transparency in government and holds herself accountable for proactively briefing the public on issues they need to understand. Laura is ideally suited to help guide HMLP and its multiple constituencies through what promises to be an exciting but challenging future. - John Borger, 53 Lafayette Avenue

Laura’s tireless dedication to developing and promoting initiatives that benefit the long-term interests of our community is just one of many reasons we are enthusiastic supporters of her candidacy for the HMLP Board.  – Heidi and Peter Ragone, 131 South Street

Our Lighting Plant Board needs new strong citizen-focused leadership with experience and stature in Hingham’s governance processes, tested skills in politics at the state level, and a clear vision for the future needs of Hingham as we face transition to a new world powered by renewable energy. Laura has demonstrated she can provide that leadership.  - Turner and Joan Bledsoe, 201 Linden Ponds Way

Laura Burns is the ideal candidate for this job.  She has advocated on energy issues at the state level and understands statewide energy goals and sustainable energy sources.    She also understands Municipal Light Plant issues.  She was instrumental in starting an informal group of Light Board members and other concerned citizens from towns throughout the Commonwealth that have Municipal Light Plants to exchange news and ideas.  And finally, Laura is very experienced in town government, having served on both the Advisory Committee and the Select Board.  I urge you to join me and vote for Laura Burns for Hingham Light Board member. – Jo-An Heileman, 319 Lincoln Street

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1 thought on “Candidate Profile: Laura Burns for Hingham Light Board”

  1. Laura Burns has an incredible record of community service and will continue to serve all of us as a member of the Hingham Light Board. She will listen, respond and work hard to bring transparency to the board’s decisions, increase its use of sustainable resources, and continue to bring us the same great service at a reasonable cost. Please vote on Saturday, May 22, and when you do, please vote for Laura!
    Anne and John Fanton, 46 Ridgewood Crossing


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