Behind the Bar at Alma Nove

Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Mackenzie Finn.

August 6, 2020 by Gabrielle Martin

In addition to offering an assortment of antipasti, specialty pastas, fresh-from-the-boat seafood, and sampling small plates, Alma Nove has expanded their already-extensive menu to include carry-out cocktails!

Their take-it-to-go drinks are made-to-order. Alma Nove's five featured drinks (photographed above) are A Lil English, Kissing Whiskey, Strawberry Wallop, Sipper Del Sol, and Town Forest, though all cocktails on their menu are available for order-out. The team behind the bar will even take write-in requests!

2 drinks are allowed per purchasing customer, and they must be purchased with food, whether appetizer, entrée, or dessert; 1 drink fills half the container. Martinis are sold with plastic stemless wine glasses and a quart of ice, while cocktails are served with cups.

I went behind the bar with Alma Nove’s Social Media and Hospitality Expert Mackenzie Finn and bartender Donnie Jackson for the inside scoop directly from the source.

Meet Donnie Jackson, Bartender and Hourly Staff Supervisor at Alma Nove. Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Derrick Zellman.

The Sipper Del Sol, Stripped Down

Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Mackenzie Finn.

What It Is: This drink is Alma Nove’s most popular summer sipper! After all, who doesn’t love a watermelon margarita? (Cue “Watermelon Sugar.”) This drink features a fun flair by incorporating habanero simple syrup.

  • 0.75 OZ. of TRIPLE SEC

Pricing: One drink, $10; two drinks, $20.

How It’s Made: The Anchor Goes Behind the Bar with Donnie Jackson to show our readers how Alma Nove prepares their famous Sipper Del Sol cocktail in celebration of the restaurant’s expansion to serving order-out cocktails.

What It Pairs Well With: This watermelon margarita on the rocks pairs well with summertime! It goes great with a back deck barbeque, a patio picnic, or a seaside sunset. It’s perfect for a picnic at Hingham Harbor or date night down on the docks at the Marina.

Remember, take-it-to-go drinks from Alma Nove must be ordered with food! In other words: You can’t just order two Sipper Del Sols. I asked the experts, and Mackenzie Finn suggests ordering your Sipper with the Wood-grilled Beef Tenderloin Rice Bowl (served with jasmine rice, roasted corn pico, avocado lime crema, and a Calabrian chili oil, $23*) from Alma Nove's Lunch Menu.

Keen on The Kissing Whiskey

Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Mackenzie Finn.

What It Is: A delicious and refreshing blend of whiskey, ginger beer, and spices with citrus undertones.

  • 0.5 OZ. of CARDAMOM
  • 0.25 OZ. of CINNAMON

Pricing: One drink, $10; two drinks, $20.

How It’s Made: Fresh-to-order, like all of Alma Nove’s take-it-to-go cocktails! This drink is served with a lemon rind (see below) and, like all other carry-out items, this cocktail comes with ice and cups.

The back of the Kissing Whiskey bottle, showing off the lemon twist inside, with a portion of the drink in one of Alma Nove's provided cocktail cups. Photo by Gabrielle Martin.

What It Pairs Well With: A relaxing night overlooking (or even better, on) at the Hingham Shipyard Marina, overlooking the Weymouth Back River and Hewitt’s Cove.

Order with the Moroccan Spiced Lamb entree (griddled lamb, braised shank, and toasted orzo risotto served with carrot yogurt, $30) for an amazing evening a la Alma’s! Also pairs well with the beach or the boat.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy your Kissing Whiskey (or any other beverage of your choice) at Alma Nove, they are currently offering both indoor and outdoor seating. I have to say that this drink pairs particularly well with a sun-shiney afternoon spent on Alma Nove’s pristine patio, surrounded by the blooming hydrangeas.

Photo by Gabrielle Martin, taken on the Alma Nove patio.

We Tried It: Town Forest

Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Mackenzie Finn.

What It Is: A fresh and fruity vodka prosecco cocktail.

  • 2.0 OZ. of SVEDKA VODKA
  • 1.0 OZ. of BERRY PUREE (X, X, and X)
  • 0.5 OZ. of SIMPLE SYRUP
  • 0.25 OZ. of LIME JUICE

Pricing: One drink, $13; two drinks, $26.

How It’s Made: Sealed tight, as are all other take-it-to-go-drinks! In this case, a secure seal is ESPECIALLY important because it keeps the prosecco from going flat! Because of the cap, these drinks can be saved for three to four days after ordering should you want to save some.

Photo by Gabrielle Martin.

What It Pairs Well With: An August afternoon, catching up on The Anchor, a trip to the Town Forest, or making a weeknight feel like a weekend!

Donnie Jackson shares, “The duck has a blackberry compote that would go well with Town Forest’s berry puree.” She is, of course, referring to Alma Nove’s Pan-seared Long Island Duck Breast (served with sweet potato and commode risotto, the aforementioned berry compote, coffee, port, and a decadent dark chocolate reduction, $33*). 

Finn also says, “Some enjoy this for a dessert drink as well!” With that in mind, I recommend ordering this delicious with Alma Nove’s ah-mazing Lemon Trifle Cake (with macerated berries, lemon curd, and whipped cream). You simply cannot go wrong with a summertime pairing as sweet as that!

Photo by Gabrielle Martin.

Signature Cocktails To-Go

Photo courtesy of Alma Nove, by Mackenzie Finn.

Add one, or two, of Alma Nove’s take-it-to-go cocktails to your takeout order today! Remember: there is a limit of two cocktails per paying customer. Of course, cocktails are 21+ and ID is required. Curbside pick-up is not available at this time. 

Last, but not least, be sure to shake well before serving and pour over ice!

Special thanks to Mackenzie and Donnie for taking me behind the bar at Alma Nove! Where do you want to go behind the bar next? Send me an email at [email protected]! Personally, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Alma Nove’s drink menu changes four times a year with the transitioning seasons; I’m already eagerly anticipating their fall collection of carry-out cocktails!

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