“Bear Hunting” in Liberty Pole!

Bear hunt 4
March 26, 2020 (submitted by Alexis Lefort, Hingham resident and Compass Real Estate Agent.  All photos courtesy of Alexis Lefort).

Based on the beloved children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, Liberty Pole is hosting its own version of a bear hunt to help get everyone (safely) out of hibernation. 

Bears of all sizes, shapes, and colors are propped up in windows, hiding in window boxes, lounging on beach chairs, and tucked in eaves all over the neighborhood.

Those who couldn’t scrounge up a stuffed bear got creative with other stuffed animals or dog toys. We spotted at least one giraffe and several pandas joining the bears!

Residents took to the streets to see how many bears they could spot. Lauren Bowes, mom to three-year old Austin and six-year old William, said, “We were out bear hunting twice today and will be out again tomorrow. It was the best day we have had in weeks!”

The bears will be hanging around for a while, so take a walk or drive through the Pole and see how many you can find!

Editor's note:  A few other neighborhoods have started this fun activity as well, so if you can't venture over to Liberty Pole maybe you'll find one closer to you or be inspired to create your own.

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