Beach House Hingham is a Harborside Bistro of Fresh Fare and Sweet Treats

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 by Gabrielle S. Martin

After an anticipated opening of September 14, Beach House Hingham opened at the Harbor Bathing Beach earlier this week. It caused quite the commotion on Hingham Hub, one of Pinboard’s pop-up replacements, when a photo of their menu was shared.

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The seasonal ice cream shop features delicious Bliss, Gifford’s, and Richardson flavors; in addition to serving hard-scooped ice cream, soft serve, sundaes, and shakes, Beach House also doubles as a snack stand with the two dozen items listed on their Beach Food menu.

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.

We just had to see for ourselves! Here’s our thoughts on Beach House Hingham.

Beach fare first… 


Beach House’s Basket of Mixed Fries is a God-tier combination of crinkle, shoestring, and waffle fries intermixed with tater tots, seasoned with F.F. Spice and Roadhouse Sauce. I’m serious, who thought of this blend? It’s genius. I want to shake their hand.

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.


You can’t go wrong with a Button Island Burger, made from the Beach House’s prime burger blend and served with or without cheese: it’s flavorful, filling, and just $4.95! This is one of the menu’s most affordable options (in addition to their Hot Dogs), though fries have to be ordered in addition to these entrees and are not served alongside.

For those who have worked up an appetite sunning at the Bathing Beach or from an afternoon out boating, I suggest the Beach Burger, $9.75: it’s two patties topped with Roadhouse Sauce and pickles.

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.


Beach Hut’s boneless breaded chicken tenders are salted to perfection and served with mixed fries; the chicken is crisp, white meat through-and-through and tastes fresh. What’s not to like?

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.


New Englanders know there’s nothing quite like a good cuppa chowda, and Beach House’s smoked bacon blend delivers: their chowder is thick (as it should be!), hearty, and darn delicious.


Now, onto the sweet stuff… 

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.


Have a wicked sweet tooth? I suggest ordering the Beach House’s Brownie Sundae: this is one decadent dessert, served with chocolate and vanilla ice creams, hot fudge, and chocolate brownies. 

When we were first presented with our sundae, it was obscured under a heap of whipped cream; after devouring that, we discovered a generous, plentiful serving of ice cream and toppings underneath.

This is a great sweet treat to share this September! 

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.


A chocolate milkshake is such a classic menu item, something I consider timeless, but in something so simple, there requires a considerable amount of skill: I am thrilled to confirm that the Beach House possesses this magic and makes one heck of a chocolate shake.

Photo by Gabrielle S. Martin.

The Beach House’s hours of operation for the remainder of this season (concluding October or November, depending on weather) will be 11:30am8:30pm. Don’t miss out; you won’t want to want till spring to try it!

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