Arts-Integrated Kindergarten: Bringing Learning to Life

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June 19, 2021 by Rachel White, Director of South Shore Conservatory’s arts-integrated Preschool/PreK/Kindergarten program

In my time here at South Shore Conservatory (SSC), I have discovered that the arts are a powerful tool, not just for the privileged and not just for human enjoyment. Art is a physical manifestation of culture and individuality.  I have watched the arts launch young kindergarten students further and deeper into curriculum than most standardized methods, because the creative way it’s taught is meaningful to them as individuals.

Arts-integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which academics and content are taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts. Using this modality of teaching, we can effectively meet young learners where they are, and help them find the way in which they learn best. Through arts-integration, we teach our young students how to be part of a larger community, embrace differences, build confidence in who they are as an individual, and to think outside the box.

At SSC, acceptance, love, and respect have always been cornerstones of our thematic teaching. Our arts-integrated kindergarten program was designed to revere and rejoice in the differences among students, and to use these differences to learn from one another.  We encourage creative expression through the arts and allow for playtime that supports language development, conflict resolution skills and cooperative learning.

Kindergarten students are exposed to all art forms while enrolled in our program, including visual arts, drama, music, movement, yoga, singing, drumming, and storytelling. Art from many different cultures are explored and celebrated.  Every child is an artist, and the need to express one’s self is inherent in all of us. When this need is nurtured, learning occurs and wonderful things happen. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  When young children have positive learning experiences, they develop a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation of learning.  Becoming a life-long learner often leads to successful futures for adults.

Enrolling now, SSC still has limited openings in kindergarten for the 2021/22 school year. Contact Rachel at [email protected] for more information or visit our website:

Rachel White is the Director of South Shore Conservatory’s arts-integrated Preschool/PreK/Kindergarten program. 

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