12th Annual Knock Out Cancer Fundraiser

Chris Ryan and Jack Mannion celebrate winning Knock Out competition.

October 5, 2021 submitted by John Mannion, South Shore Bank

The 12th annual Knock Out Cancer fundraiser was a big success and a fun time for all.
It was an enjoyable afternoon, participants and volunteers were entertained by the
spirited competition and happy to be together again as a community.

Tim Mckay and Shrey Patel watch Hayden Sousa.

The fundraiser was inspired by Janice Mannion in 2010 as she battled cancer and
supports cancer care and research through the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The
Jimmy Fund. This year’s event raised over $13,000 bringing the 12 year close to

Marissa Matthews shows winning form.

Thanks to all who participated, donated and volunteered to this worthwhile cause.

John Mannion gets ready for another basket.

Knock Out Cancer will return to the normal basketball season time frame in March and
April 2022.

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