Weather Report: Drought and Rain


Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

June 7, 2022 by Meteorologist Michael Page

With the start of summer still two weeks away, the South Shore finds itself in the grips of a worsening early season drought.

Since the start of March, Hingham’s rainfall deficit now exceeds 7”.

In May alone, for example, the town picked up just 0.81” of rain, far shy of the average that’s closer to 4”.

That leaves Hingham, Cohasset, and the entirety of Southeastern Massachusetts in what’s classified as ‘Moderate Drought,’ the first of four drought categories which also includes Severe, Extreme, and Exceptional Drought.

The lack of rain has left local ponds, rivers, and streams noticeably lower, though Weir River Water System did not provide any tangible data for Accord Pond, the system’s only reservoir, when asked.

Fortunately, this week offers potential relief from the dry spell.

Scattered showers will move through the area on Wednesday, followed by two more organized storms with steadier rain later in the week.

The first comes early Thursday, followed by another early on Saturday.

Between all of these systems, the South Shore stands to pick up 1.5-2.5” of rain.

That would certainly help slow the drought, but it certainly wouldn’t erase it.

The upcoming rain will also help cleanse the layer of pollen found across the area.

Tree pollen is the primary culprit for the cloud of yellow which at times has left the sky looking hazy.

Pine, beech, and hickory are the main irritants keeping the pollen count high through midweek, before the rain arrives to drop the count.

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