Two Carnivores Walk into a Plant Bar…

The fried "chicken" sandwich at Plant Pub. Photo by Ellen McDermott.

November 16, 2021 By Ally Donnelly

Ben Cutler is nervous.  "I get a little inquisitive, concerned," he said. "I'm not sure how they do it."

Ben Cutler, of XR BBQ, digging into a fried "chicken" sandwich at Plant Pub.

I've convinced the avowed meat devotee, along with Morrell Presley of Morrell's BBQ, to check out Pat McAuley's new concept restaurant Plant Pub. The Hingham native opened the vegan pub in Cambridge's Kendall Square six weeks ago, serving craft beer and plant-based "bar food."

An Impossible burger at Plant Pub. Photo by Ellen McDermott.

The pub's goal is to welcome more meat-eaters under the vegan tent with comfortable, accessible food like Impossible burgers, cauliflower buffalo wings, pulled "pork," BBQ "chicken" pizza and more.

Morrell Presley of Morrell's Barbecue in Hingham was won over by Plant Pub's vegan burger.

Said Chef Mary Dumont, "Plant-based people and not plant-based people are actually friends in real life. We don't need to be going to different restaurants all the time." Dumont has a rock star resume. She was at Cultivar in Boston, Harvest in Cambridge. She’s an Iron Chef and Top Chef alum and in 2014 was named Food & Wine’s hottest new Chef.

Pat McAuley, Ben Cutler, Ally Donnelly and Morrell Presley.

She whips up a stunning array of plant-based fare and Cutler and Morrell dig in. Their reviews are candid and their questions–and concerns–are genuine. McAuley and Dumont talk through their objections, share their own journeys to plant-based and how a well-timed Covid pivot saved their business. Join us for a great conversation!

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