TRACES Program Temporarily Relocated: Building Issues Discovered

December 22, by Carol Britton Meyer

This year, 18 students are participating in TRACES, a signature program of Hingham High's industrial technology department. But the program is in need of a new home, at least for the immediate future.

That's because town officials have identified several issues in the TRACES (Teaching Regionalized Approach to Career Employment Skills)  building in Bare Cove Park, although it has not been condemned -- contrary to a rumor that has been circulating.

That's the word today from Hingham High School Principal Rick Swanson, who told the Hingham Anchor that he's "hopeful that those issues can be addressed in a way that allows our students to return. For now, students in our TRACES program will relocate to the high school wood shop, but we hope to find another home for the program soon."

Under the stewardship of a master teacher, Dr. Paul Pawlowski, those students "gain real-world skills that will serve them well, perhaps in future careers," Swanson said. "The current need to relocate is an obstacle for us, but it will not prevent Hingham High School from continuing to meet the needs of those students."

Participants receive an education similar to that of a vocational school, benefitting from hands-on experience in exploring a wide range of construction skills in trades such as welding, carpentry, architectural design, electricity, sheet metal fabrication, machine shop, interior design, decorating, and industrial design, according to the description of the course in the Hingham Public Schools Program of Studies. Students also assist in the renovation of structures and other construction projects.

Those participating in the TRACES program spend a portion of their school day at an off-campus site in a supervised work/training experience. During the second half of the school day, they fulfill the remainder of their required credits at Hingham High.

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  1. It seems somewhat ironic that the TRACES building is in need of repair. Would student’s with supervision, be able to help fix the building? Perhaps this is a perfect time to look at better supporting VOTEC options in Hingham.


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