Town of Hingham Hosts Successful Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Clinic with Towns of Cohasset, Hull and Scituate

Hingham Fire Capt. Colby Wilcox administers a COVID-19 booster shot during Thursday's clinic. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)

January 14, 2022 Submitted by the Town of Hingham

The Towns of Hingham, Cohasset, Hull and Scituate are pleased to report that a successful COVID-19 vaccination booster clinic was held yesterday.

The clinic, which took place at the South Shore Baptist Church, provided 90 doses of the Moderna booster to eligible residents age 18 and older. It was put on by the Health Departments of each of the four partner towns.

Vehicles wait in the check-in line at the clinic. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)

As part of the drive-up clinic, those receiving a booster remained in their vehicle during both the check-in process and while receiving their shot. Those receiving the booster were then guided to a designated area of the parking lot for medical observation post-vaccination.

"With the rise of COVID-19 cases throughout the region, every booster shot we can administer is a positive step toward reducing the spread of the virus among our residents," Hingham Fire Captain/EMS Coordinator Jeffrey Becker said. "These four partner communities worked together to put on this successful clinic and we will continue to look for ways to help our residents through the pandemic."

Hingham Fire Captain/EMS Coordinator Jeffrey Becker checks in a resident for the clinic, with the assistance of Hingham Health Officer Betty Nee. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)


Hingham Fire Lt. Thomas Jacintho checks in a resident at the vaccination point. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)


A total of 90 doses were administered at Thursday's clinic at the South Shore Baptist Church. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)


John Barbuto, a member of the Hingham Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), oversees the check-in line. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)


Several members of the Hingham Fire Department were on hand at Thursday's clinic, as well as other representatives from the town and Hingham CERT. (Photo courtesy Town of Hingham)

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