This Week’s Weather Report by Meteorologist, Michael Page: “Spring-like temperatures”

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March 6, 2021 by Meteorologist, Michael Page

We're in for a real treat this week, with several days of spring-like temperatures on the way!

Here's what to expect in Hingham:

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Week Starts Cool

This week will be a quiet one, with no major storms in sight. Instead, the headline will be warming temperatures.

Right out of the gate, on Monday, we'll still be cool though.

Daytime temperatures on Monday will be near 40, with plenty of sunshine.

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Mid-Week Warmth

By Tuesday daytime temperatures will pop into the 50s, follow morning temperatures in the 30s.

Wednesday will also be in the 50s during the day. Outdoor dining will be pleasant as well, with 40s expected during the dinner hour.

Both days will feature plenty of sun, and just some passing fair weather clouds.

Thursday and Friday will both likely be closer to 60 degrees, but there will be more clouds around, and even a couple showers.

Those showers will mark the arrival of a cold front, which will cool us off into the weekend.

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Spring Forward

Despite the cool down for next weekend, we'll still find signs of spring. We "spring forward" next Saturday night.

Yes, we'll lose an hour of sleep, but sunsets starting on Sunday will be close to 7 PM.

On the flip side of the day, early risers will temporarily lose some daylight. The sunrise, after the time change, goes back to about 7 AM, but we'll quickly see those sunrise times get earlier and earlier.

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