This Week’s Weather Report by Meteorologist, Michael Page: “Many temperature swings”

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February 28, 2021 by Meteorologist, Michael Page

While this week’s weather won’t feature many storms, it will feature many temperature swings in Hingham.

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Week Starts with Some Showers

The best chance for wet weather this week is Monday.

The day will feature lots of clouds, and a few rounds of rain showers, before some hints of sunshine arrive as the system departs late day.

Temperatures will be mild, with highs popping to around 50 degrees.

Monday is also March 1, which is the meteorological start of spring!

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Sudden Return to Winter

Don’t be fooled by the warm start to the week; spring isn’t technically here just yet.

On Tuesday a blast of cold will deliver high temperatures that only reach the upper 20s to near 30!

On top of the cold, it will be very windy.

The only thing we have working for us is the fact that there will be plenty of sunshine, and the sun is actually quite strong this time of year.

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Quiet Rest of the Week

Temperatures will rebound back into the 40s, and close to 50, during the day on Wednesday.

Thursday will still be near average, in the low 40s as well.

Both days will offer sunshine, as will Friday, but by the end of the week another batch of cold will send our daytime temperatures down into the 30s.

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